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You can Call us The Philippines: Watch this Awesome Video

We first saw this video when it was presented by Philippine Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. during an event. It’s one awesome video, we thought, and we simply have to share it with everyone. So we looked high and low but we didn’t find it. That was months ago. As luck would have it, and as the usual case when we stop looking, we stumbled on this video today. Please share this beautiful video (and while you’re at it, tell the world about the beauty of Pinas!). Mabuhay! Watch this:

[Also watch the 2015 campaign. Video/screen grab courtesy of DoT/youtube.]

3 thoughts on “You can Call us The Philippines: Watch this Awesome Video”

  1. I love this video! To our tourism officers thanks for doing a great job! It’s a start. Let’s do some more!

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