Winning Photo of the 2018 Iloilo Paraw Regatta Photo Contest

Paraw is a Visayan name for the double outrigger sailboat. For the Paraw Regatta Festival or Iloilo Paraw Regatta Festival, held in February of each year, the paraw has colorful sails. The Iloilo Paraw Regatta Festival is “the Philippines’ best sports tourism event and oldest and largest traditional sailing event in Asia,” according to the organizers.

The Paraw Festival includes a 30-kilometer race, as well as a photo contest. The Grand Winner of the 2018 photocontest is Rolly Jamero. Here is the winning photo:

This copyrighted photo is used with the express permission of the Grand Winner, Rolly Jamero (check his Instagram account, @thearch_bishope, for more photos), and the event organizers. Please ask for permission from them before using this photo.

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