Vacation Time: Prepare for the 5-day Long Weekend in April 2012

Some have been complaining about the reversal of the holiday economics. Just a few long weekends for those contemplating vacations. April 2012 brings a a five-day extra long weekend in April 2012.

There should be no need to repeat this reminder because the long weekend is already apparent in the list of 2012 official holidays. Nevertheless, in case someone didn’t get the memo, or just so no one would say he/she was not informed, let’s reiterate that there’s a rare long weekend for April 2012.

The three contiguous national holidays for April, as shown in the  of 2012 official holidays, are as follows:

That gives us 5 days (April 5 – 9, 2012) of long overdue weekend to treat ourselves, our families or friends to a well-deserved rest and vacation. Be safe. [See also Road Safety Tips and Reminders]

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