Top 10 Types of Beach Photos at #VisitPinas

No surprise that there’s an endless flow of Instagram photos tagged #VisitPinas. The Philippines is home to some of the world’s best beaches. The well-known beaches, identified by name in travel magazines and websites, constitute only a small portion of the thousands of beautiful combination of sand, sea and sun in this tropical paradise, also called the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines. We’ve seen thousands of these photos. The recent crop of #VisitPinas photos reveal the following angles or shots for beach photos. [Click the photos to enlarge.]

1. The Naked Shot

Hush, you dirty-minded reader. We’re not talking about naked bodies. Beach photos with no people in the frame, that’s what we mean by naked shots. No bells and whistles, just natural beautiful in all its glory. We do understand that a photo evokes only a fraction of the emotion when standing on that piece of beach paradise. When you finally get on that beach, and we strongly suggest you do once in your life, take in the amazing feeling — those memories will brighten up, even for a bit, your dark days. The only issue we have with this kind of shot is that the photographer is out of the frame, like in this Boracay photo of macho-man agriculturist Traveling_Farmer (check his Instagram account, @traveling_farmer to see the guy). The area around the Grotto is the best beachfront in the entire Boracay island in our book.

Don’t ask for the full shot of the beach in the photo above, the Boracay Grotto in Station 1, because we’re almost certain there will be a lot of beach-goers in the frame. Now, if you want beautiful solitude, head on to Onok Island in Balabac, Palawan, as you can see in the photo below, also by the Traveling_Farmer (ok, there are people in this shot, but you’d hardly notice them with the beauty of the clear sea, the white sand, the blue sky).

2. The Sunbathing Shot

People complain about the intense sun and hot weather, but never on a beach, which is why we believe that it’s all a state of mind. It’s like, “Got a problem? Stop whining and just power through it. Your skin was burning on the beach and you didn’t complain, remember?” Some spend on whitening treatments, while other people spend to get a lovely tan on the beach. The beach is always a puzzle, come to think of it. Going back to our photo angle — the sunbathing shot — there’s a lot of ways to go about it. It can be done standing up, like this shot by Denmark Alejandro (check his Instagram account, @thenmarked, for more photos) while on a sandbar in Bohol.

It can be done lying down, as usual, like in this shot by @angelieee_ (check her Instagram account for more photos) in Ariel’s Point, Boracay.

It can be done by a mermaid. With the countless beach fronts in the Philippines, you’re bound to meet a mermaid, like in this photo by Michaella Neyssa Mulia (check his Instagram account, @michaellaneyssa, for more photos).

3. “Malayo ang Tingin” Shot

We all have that moment when something preoccupies our mind and we unknowingly stare into the distance. As the song goes, “malayo ang tingin, wala namang tinatanaw.” It’s useless trying to guess the reason behind such apparent “inattention” because the list of probable reasons is endless — from love issues to, uhm, unpaid debt. For beach photos, however, there’s most likely one reason: posterity. Frame that moment with the gorgeous beach, like this photograph at Onok Island in Balabac, Palawan, courtesy of Krist Joseph J. Cadlaon (check his Instagram account, @krisanto.lakwatsero, for more photos), and you get a perfect frame.

Doesn’t really matter if it’s done at night, like in Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu, courtesy of travel photographer and journalist PrAii CAnoy (check his Instagram account, @ephraimf24, for more photos), below.

4. Phoenix Shot

We initially called this the “sunset silhouette shot” but because that’s a bit hard to spell, we’ve settled on Phoenix — brightly-colored mythical creatures that momentarily end their existence through a fiery display, to be reborn like a sunset, or, properly, a sunrise (but hey, it’s all the same). It’s no secret that we love sunsets, including sunsets by the beach. It’s not difficult to love (and pick out) these photos. For instance, here’s a photograph of the Siquijor sunset, courtesy of Poppy Gee (check his Instagram account, @poppy_gee_travels, for more photos).

Or the ever-gorgeous sunset of Boracay, courtesy of Patrick Labelle (check his Instagram account, @patricklabelle, for more photos). People oftentimes think the photos of Boracay sunsets are photoshopped Believe us, Boracay sunsets are really intense like that. It’s amazing.

5. Under the Tree Shot

A beach without a tree is like a face without a pimple — it doesn’t have character. Ok, that’s a terrible analogy, but you get what we’re trying to say. A beach may be beautiful, but it’s even more beautiful, more “livable”, with some trees around. Coconuts or talisay, usually. You can hang out — literally — on the tree, like what Neon Ibanez did in his photo below at Calagauas, Camarines Norte (check his Instagram account, @neon_travelvibes, for more photos; we’re still trying to figure out why he said “some things are better when they’re not perfect”).

The tree can also throw some shade (pun intended) at you, a welcome resting place from the harsh glare of the tropical sun, like in this photo of Siargao beach, courtesy of @pinasyalan (check his Instagram account for more photos). We’re certain he’s smitten by the place when he said: “If you want serenity at its finest and enjoy nature in its raw form, #Siargao is the perfect place.”

6. The Lost-and-Found Shot

It’s akin to the Under-the-Tree shot, but not quite. This one is about the look on the face, not the beautiful background. Neither is it about what you are wearing. You know, those times when you were pretending to get lost so that your crush will swoop down and reassure you, probaly hold your hand? That kind of look, yep. To illustrate, here’s a lovely photo at the Twin Beach (Nacpan and Calitang) in El Nido, Palawan, courtesy of Bet*chay (check her Instagram account, @littlemisschay).

Got a Suggested Shot?

We’re just warming up. Tag us with your beach photos so we can pick them up for this Top 10.

Photo reproduced with permission (thanks). [Tag your Philippine travel photos with #visitpinas so we can track it down. Photos will be featured in this blog’s photo of the day and in instagram/VisitPinas, facebook/VisitPinas, twitter/VisitPinas.]

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  1. So glad that Poppy Gee’s photo has been featured in this issue on your . My nephew has been a traveller for quiet sometime now and he really loves to take photos that are unusual and very unique for anyone who loves and are fond of taking selfies or groupies. Love it and thank you for noticing his captivating photo from the beatiful and colorful sunset of Siquijor. Mabuhay!!!

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