Top 10 Places to Commune with Nature in the Philippines: Travel Stories

There are times when people want to be alone, as we noted in a previous post (Still Life: Philippine Travel Stories), and just commune with nature. We’re sure some of the featured VisitPinas-tagged photos would easily qualify under this topic, but let’s start fresh. We’re also sure that there are more than 10 places in the Philippines where travelers can commune with nature, and reflect or recharge for the challenges ahead.

10. Choose a Mountain

There’s a lot of mountains in the Philippines open to mountaineers and casual trekkers, with majestic view that makes communing with nature very easy. We’re lumping all mountains because the Top 10 won’t be enough for them all.

We start with the Osmeña Peak in Cebu province:

“We would be lost and found a thousand times,” says heeeymich in her photo at Osmeña Peak, overlooking the island of Cebu (check her Instagram account, @heeeymich, for more photos).

This is Mt. 387 in Nueva Ecija. Photo courtesy of Henry Cotillon (check his Instagram account, @certifiedpalaboy, for more photos). In his words: “What an amazing view. It’s just two hours away from the jump off point.” When Henry spoke of “just two hours”, he must have been thinking of his fellow mountaineers, not the rest of us regular mortals. It’s an adventure not for everybody, which is why we don’t expect this spot to be crowded. This quiet place is a perfect place to commune with nature (and have a selfie, too).

9. Banaue, Ifugao Province

“Into the woods, where no signal. Perfect way to escape the bustle and hustle life in the city and find a good connection with Mother Nature.” Caption and photo at Banaue, Ifugao, courtesy of JON (check his Instagram account, @jonbratpacker, for more photos).

Banaue is also known for its unique culture and the Rice Terraces. Banaue is not just about mountains, so we’re treating it as a separate entry.

8. Kaparkan Spring Terraces Falls, Abra

“I am what I am and the world only makes me better.” GALA-pong uses this quote for his photo at the Kaparkan Spring Terraces Falls, located in Tineg, Abra (check his Instagram account, @pongtograpi, for more photos).

What’s amazing about Kaparkan Falls is the choice where you can do soul-searching. Choose the area in the photo above, or choose the gentle massage of the flowing spring water on your body, like in this photo by Rai Sean (check his Instagram account, @rhyjoe, for more photos).

According to Rai Sean: “Kaparkan Falls, also called Mulawin Falls, is located in an isolated place in Tineg Abra. Since this falls is situated in a remote area of Abra, transportation can only be arranged at Bangued Tourism via 6 wheeler truck that will course into a harsh and hardcore muddy trail for almost 4 hours, crossing into an 11- km stretch of deep muddy road just to reach this majestic creation of nature. This proves that choosing a beautiful destination does not only involve money, but also strength, time, patience and energy. Bucket list, checked!” This guy is everywhere. Cool dude.

See also Waterfalls to Explore in the Philippines: Fun Outdoors Adventure.

7. Balicasag Island Dive Resort, Bohol

“Let your imagination travel.” Caption and photo at the Balicasag Island Dive Resort in Panglao, Bohol, courtesy of Jeneka C. Binuez (check her Instagram account, @wanderjeneka, for more photos).

6. Real Coast & Surf, Quezon

“We’re both looking at the same moon, in the same world. We’re connected to reality by the same line. All I have to do is quietly draw it towards me.” Ron C. quotes Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart, in his moonlit photo at the Real Coast & Surf, Real, Quezon (check his Instagram account, @jesuisronc, for more photos).

5. Coron, Palawan

“A small clam sanctuary in the middle of the sea,” says Gen Santiago Zotomayor in her photo at Coron, Palawan (check her Instagram account, @gensantiago, for more photos).

4. Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

“Through mud it rises. Through water it emerges. Through sunlight it blossoms.” Caption and lovely photo, at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, courtesy of Maj Flores in her photo at Coron, Palawan (check her Instagram account, @majflores, for more photos).

3. Escala Tagaytay

What’s amazing about the Philippines is the fact that you can crossover from the city to the mountain, then to the beach, in just a couple of hours, traffic included. You can even merge the city, with its modern amenities, and nature. In Tagaytay City, you can soak in the splendor of the Taal Volcano (or Taal Lake), with the fresh, cold air, right in the heart of the city, like in this photo at Escala Tagaytay by the lovely Dith Vitug (check her Instagram account, @dithvitug, for more photos).

2. Paradiso Bel-Is

The Top 2 spot can be anywhere in the Philippine archipelago, home to many world-class beaches. This one, with a swing where you can sit and reflect on a lot of things, is Paradiso Bel-is in Buruanga, Aklan, photo courtesy of Michael John Rodriguez Bade (check his Instagram account, @kael_badebadz, for more photos).

1. Mt. Pulag Summit

We had a top spot in mind, even before the No. 2 was filled. We were almost certain that whatever the No. 2 photo was, it can’t top the summit of Mt. Pulag, as we see in this photo by Emm Napalang (check his Instagram account, @emmnaps, for more photos). “Worth the trek. Worth the wait.” Soon.

[Photos reproduced with permission (thanks). Tag your Philippine travel photos with #visitpinas so we can track it down. Photos will be featured in this blog’s photo of the day and in instagram/VisitPinas, facebook/VisitPinas, twitter/VisitPinas.]

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