You may have noticed that there are maps (courtesy of Google maps) at the bottom of some posts. Let’s discuss how to use the maps, how you could promote your business and how you could help.

Using the Maps.

Simply wait for the map to load. This may take a few seconds, depending on your internet connection. Once the map renders, you’ll see the following features:

  • Zoom in. For closer view of the area, including the streets, double click on the area OUTSIDE the pink balloon. You could also use the top-left arrows (read below).
  • Pink-colored balloons. The default view, with a pop-up, is the location. Click on the balloon for details. The pop-up includes a link on how to use the map (which will bring you back here) and the related posts in this site.
  • Top-left arrows. To help you in navigating the map, press up arrow to go up (and you get the drift). Press the + sign for a closer view and the – sign for zoom out.
  • Top-right map options. The default view is maps (street maps), but you could opt for other views, including a satellite photo of the location. This is a cool tool.
  • Bottom-left Search. The search function appears at the bottom left of the map. Use just like any Google search. If the box doesn’t appear, maybe there are no places to search.

Promoting your Business.

To make your resort, hotel, service station or any travel/tourism-related business visible to everyone, you could try to create an entry in the Google maps for it. Once you’ve done that, let us know of the details so that we could include it here. That way, it would be real easy for us to point to you.

Help VisitPinas.

If you  know great directions or locations in Google maps, let us know. It could be your own entry or that of others. If you’re familiar with how Google map works and would want to help us map out the sites, please let us know.

Philippine map is presented below. Please wait for it to load. Time to load depends on your connection speed.

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