Tips for Philippine Summer Vacation

It’s officially summertime. It’s going to be a very hot Philippine summer full of fun, sand and sun. It’s time to take time off from work or school, and relax even for a while. But before you go invading the resorts and hotels for the anticipated summer vacation with your family and friends, you need to go through the hassle of preparing, making travel plans, booking and reservation. Here are some unsolicited reminders:

1. Decide which side of nature you want. Do you prefer the sun and sand, gorgeous beaches? You go to Boracay, Palawan, Bohol or Batangas. You prefer the cool, breezy mountain side? You go to Tagaytay, Baguio, Banaue or Sagada. You could also decide to see them all if you have the funds.

2. Scout around. After you’ve decided which side of nature you prefer, you then go searching for information about those parts. The internet is a great way to do it, but be very careful — what you see is sometimes NOT what you get, something which I learned the hard way (perhaps this is why we take a look at places in this blog to give you some idea). Check for places to eat, things to see or things to do. Your hotel or resort of choice should ideally be near to these places. Check if credit cards are accepted in the hotel or resort, as well as the places around it. Check if the hotel or resort is child-friendly and, if you’re a hardcore blogger addict, if there’s a wi-fi or internet connection.

3. Make reservations in advance. It’s now too late for that, you say. Probably true, but the month of May is a couple of months away. Unless, you’re bring you’re own car, check with transportation companies (airplanes, buses, ships, etc.) or your travel agent. There’s plenty of time to scrounge for whatever reservations left. (Besides, the exciting part is the journey, not the destination. But I say that’s crap.)

4. Prepare the things to bring. It’s generally expensive to buy things at the resort or hotel, and even if you have tons of money, some items may not be available. Bring a bottle or two of water, plus snacks for the road. Download maps and directions. Bring sunblock for the beaches. Mosquito repellant might come in handy, too. Travel light. Even if you have credit cards, bring sufficient cash.

Now, after you’ve pack all your things, there’s only one more thing you must not forget to bring — your sense of fun and adventure. Enjoy Philippine summer 2008!

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