The Meaning of Easter Sunday 2020

The Lord has risen! Behold the risen Christ. Hallelujah! That’s the basic essence of Easter Sunday — that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, on the third day after He suffered under Pontius Pilate, crucified and was buried. There are theologians and experts who can discuss the profound meaning of Easter Sunday. For us ordinary Catholics and Christians, Easter Sunday marks the bedrock of our faith, for this is the day when God fulfilled His promise to save mankind by offering His Son. 

“Heaven’s answer hidden from our sight,” says Nath Loren (check his Instagram account, @nath.so_, for more photos).

Whew! Intense paragraph, that is. Probably too much serious stuff for us this Easter Sunday 2020. In this time of the coronavirus pandemic — when people identify the day simply as today, yesterday and tomorrow — the avalanche (or shall we say pandemic) of Easter greetings in the phone and social media made sure that we remember it’s a Sunday, Easter Sunday (say the last three words again; this time, say it with the exact pause of “Bond…. James Bond”). 

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The commemoration of Easter almost got swept under the personal protective equipment or PPE by this darn virus. The Easter Bunny can’t freely roam around. The Philippines, unlike New Zealand, forgot to include the Easter Bunny in the short list of personnel performing essential services. He (or is the Easter Bunny a “she”?) is probably stuck at home just like the rest of us, wondering why Netflix has no more new shows to last until the end of the quarantine period.

Mount Marami, or Mataas na Gulod Boulders in Cavite, Philippines.
“The mountains are calling but I must stay home,” says yennelferson_14 (check his Instagram account, @yennelferson_14, for more photos). This is in Mount Marami, or Mataas na Gulod Boulders, Cavite, Philippines.

Social distancing and community quarantine do away with travel (no visita iglesia to Laguna, Ilocos or Bicol) and the Easter egg hunt (which is not widely practiced in the Philippines, anyway). Why waste a perfectly boiled egg when you have to get a “home quarantine pass” just to go out and buy food and other groceries? Imagine how many checkpoints you have to go through for that Easter egg. Here’s an idea: boil those eggs and instead of painting them, donate the eggs to the less fortunate. The government relief is understandably not enough for everyone. 

So, going back to where we started, what’s the meaning of Easter in 2020? Sacrifice. Faith that this, too, will pass — for it will pass. And renewal. We will soon rise from the ashes of this veerus, er, virus. Hang on, kabayan. Please stay home.

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