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Love is in the Air: Philippine Travel Stories

We’ve featured the Feet of Summer after we noticed a pattern of feet as focus in photos of various Philippine destinations, posted in Instagram with our tag or bearing #visitpinas. We can’t also help but notice the couple shots in beautiful travel destinations. We’ll feature these couple photos here (tag us if you have such a photo, so we can add it in this post). Continue reading Love is in the Air: Philippine Travel Stories

Photo of the Day: Philippine Alps

One of the main reasons why we love Baguio and Dahilayan is the sight, and smell, of pine trees. There’s just something wonderful about pines trees. And snow, which somehow evokes a lovely image of the alps with its cozy chalets. Maybe it’s like the usual Christmas / winter sight which we all love. Maybe it’s the mixture of deep green and clean white. Maybe its the cold temperate associated with snow, alps or winter. Whatever the reason is, we simply love that sight. Now, imagine the same sight — except without that white snow — and imagine it in the Philippines (closer to Metro Manila than Baguio and Dahilayan). What do you get? The lovely view of the Tagaytay Highlands. Can’t imagine it? Here, look at the nice photo (click to enlarge) by Vera (iamveravenus): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Philippine Alps

Tagaytay Ridge Zipline and Cable Car, Picnic Grove

“Could we go horseback riding and try the zipline in Tagaytay?” our son said one weekend. Ah, the perfect excuse to go out of town. No need for convincing. Doesn’t matter that it’s past lunchtime already. Pack the necessaries and off we go to Tagaytay. Continue reading Tagaytay Ridge Zipline and Cable Car, Picnic Grove

Mushroomburger in Tagaytay City

A burger with mushroom patty. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, that one of our criteria for checking a burger is the quality of the patty — that’s all-beef patty. Then here comes a restaurant that serves burgers made of mushrooms (it also serves other Filipino dishes), with a name that proudly declares that fact — Mushroomburger. At first, I really don’t know what to make of it. Continue reading Mushroomburger in Tagaytay City

Tagaytay City Horseback Riding

You visit Tagaytay City primarily for the great view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake, the delicious bulalo, the cool weather and a host of other reasons, probably least of which is horseback riding. But should you — particularly the kids — look forward horseback riding, it’s just within a short distance from the other attractions and other must-see in Tagaytay City. Continue reading Tagaytay City Horseback Riding

Hotel Dominique, Tagaytay City

Many factors make a place memorable, sowing the seeds for a visit again in the future. Sometimes it’s just the place. Sometimes it’s what happened in that place. Sometimes it’s both, or some other factors. Let’s consider Hotel Dominique, found along Aguinaldo Highway, a nice hotel just a few meters from the rotunda in Tagaytay City. Continue reading Hotel Dominique, Tagaytay City

Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City

The Picnic Grove. There’s a number of Filipino movies that feature this. It’s a good place in Tagaytay City to have, what else, a picnic. Picture this: a full view of Taal volcano or Taal lake, picnic huts or gazebos hugging the slope of the hill, cold breeze massaging your cheeks, the aroma of home-made fresh pork barbeque cooked by the guests themselves, kids and dads flying kites, and horseback riding at the fringes. Food and beverage readily available everywhere. Can’t picture it? Here, look at this photo. Continue reading Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City

The Cliffhouse (Tagaytay City)

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which article to write first, in the same way that it’s painfully mind-boggling to decide which restaurant to prioritize in a certain cluster. Take, for instance, the higher-end alternative to the group of restaurants surrounding Leslie’s restaurant and Starbucks in Tagaytay. The cluster is called The Cliffhouse, just a few meters from Leslie’s. Continue reading The Cliffhouse (Tagaytay City)

Bulalo at Leslie’s Restaurant (Tagaytay)

The main attraction of Tagaytay is the view of Taal Volcano, which could be seen along the edge of the outer crater. I’m not sure if “outer crater” is the appropriate term, but I have to hazard a guess considering that Taal Volcano is known as the “volcano within a volcano” or, its related phrase, “the lake within a lake”. Continue reading Bulalo at Leslie’s Restaurant (Tagaytay)