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Photo of the Day: Light Traffic

We may make fun of traffic in Metro Manila but it’s one thing that will test your patience to the very edge. However, we’re not talking about normal traffic here. When we say “light traffic,” we mean the graceful flow of vehicle lights captured in beautiful night photography. It’s a skill that can be learned, yes, but it’s naturally a skill that doesn’t come with the mere purchase of the camera (or, in most instagram users, smart phones). We haven’t tried “traffic light” photography yet, so we’ll look at the cool photo by Mark Joseph Lalata (@mark.joseph.lalata; check his ig account for other nice photos). This intersection is near Quiapo Church (home of the Black Nazarene). The road at the bottom leads to Quezon City while the fork to the right goes up the Quezon Bridge, going to the Manila City Hall and the Manila Central Post Office. Click photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Light Traffic

Photo of the Day: Oslob Road

There are a couple of truths that we’ve confirmed as we grow older. Work, for instance, becomes a chore without fun. People are also more productive when they are having fun. Well, at least that’s what we believe. A month ago since we opened our instagram account, we did not anticipate how fun it is to look at photos of the Philippines snapped by fellow wanderers. We get the occasional fun puzzle of looking at photos which look similar, like that memory game of flipping over cards and matching the same photo. Take, for instance, the photo of Gisela (itsgisela_) who is comfortably sitting in the MIDDLE of the road with this caption “relaks lang, darating din ang bus.” Another one of the wonderful buwis-buhay fun selfies, we thought (don’t be fooled, however, in thinking that there are no vehicles passing this way…this is a road in Oslob, Cebu, now a busy place because of people wanting to see the butanding). Look at this photo (click photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Oslob Road

Road Safety for Long Weekends

There are two long weekends in November. Holidays for the rest of 2009 and for the full year of 2010 had long been announced. Filipinos go home to provinces for undas. With long weekends, our roads will be full. Traffic will be heavy. Patience will run thin. So, wherever you are, please remember these road safety tips (most are from emails floating around): Continue reading Road Safety for Long Weekends