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Top 10 Places to Commune with Nature in the Philippines: Travel Stories

There are times when people want to be alone, as we noted in a previous post (Still Life: Philippine Travel Stories), and just commune with nature. We’re sure some of the featured VisitPinas-tagged photos would easily qualify under this topic, but let’s start fresh. We’re also sure that there are more than 10 places in the Philippines where travelers can commune with nature, and reflect or recharge for the challenges ahead. Continue reading Top 10 Places to Commune with Nature in the Philippines: Travel Stories

The Emotional Traveler: Philippine Travel Stories

Most photos of Philippine travel involves huge smiles from the subjects. Can’t help it, can you, guys. Even us, we can’t help but smile whenever we go out and experience the beauty of the Philippines. Smile and laughter are universal expressions of happiness. Let’s do something different. Let’s feature the VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instagram which shows deeper emotions, but somehow seeing happiness through it all. C’mon, it’s not complicated. Here we go. Continue reading The Emotional Traveler: Philippine Travel Stories

Beach and Shadows in Burdeos, Quezon: Photo of the Day

“And i thank my lucky stars for that night,” said janriofalltrades of this photo captured in Burdeos, Quezon. We don’t really know exactly what he means. Perhaps something magical happened on that evening while visiting this quiet beach island off the coast of Quezon province, a place made of sturdy stuff considering that it’s directly facing the Pacific Ocean and, as we should expect, takes the initial brunt of typhoons that hit the Philippines. Or perhaps the stars aligned to hand him this gorgeous play of shadows, with the sky and the sea framed by the rock formations that were patiently carved by nature for centuries. We don’t really know, until, of course, he speaks out (check his Instagram acount, @janriofalltrades, for more awesome photos). What we do know, however, is that this photograph is amazing. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Beach and Shadows in Burdeos, Quezon: Photo of the Day

Yellow Beach at Jomalig Island, Quezon: Photo of the Day

If you ask to see a beach in the Philippines, it’s hardly enough to quote it in a generic manner — each beach in the Philippines has its own personality. Of course, if you haven’t been to the Philippines, you’ll probably think of the powder-white sand of Boracay, Coron, Panglao or the sandbars. But once you’ve get to know this archipelagic nation, you’ll realize that you have to be more specific as to the kind of beach you wish to visit. You see, we have more than white beaches. There are black beaches, also with fine sand and clear blue waters. We have pink beaches. We have a yellow beach, as shown in this photo by Neon Ibanez (check his Instagram acount, @neonbytesxx, for more photos) in Jomalig Island, Quezon province. Now that you know, go ahead and enjoy! Beautiful it is, Philippines. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Yellow Beach at Jomalig Island, Quezon: Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Pastimallows, Anyone?

One trait of a Filipino traveler is the strong adherence to the time-honored principle of pasalubong, or the irresistible urge to bring home an item — be it food or other knickknacks that is associated with the destination. Another trait would be the sweet tooth. The Philippines is a haven of everything sweet. These are the reasons why, we’ve recently realized, it’s surprising that we haven’t featured any food item as Photo of the Day. This has to change, we thought, when we came across this beautifully strange photo by @cjaypatron (check his instagram account for more photos). It reminds us of the rich colors of the Philippines, from fun halo-halo to traditional capiz-square windows. @cjaypatron found this colorful treat in Lucban, Quezon (which is famous for its Pahiyas Festival), a cross between pastillas and marshmallows. Pastimallows, in short. Now, give it a try next time you’re in Lucban. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Pastimallows, Anyone?

Photo of the Day: Waves of Baler

We haven’t been to Baler but we know it’s one of the favored destinations by surfers because of its big waves. It’s really understandable for people to assume that because we’ve mentioned Baler, we’ll be featuring a surfboard on the beach, or a surfer gracefully navigating (is that how it’s called?) the powerful waves, or a beautiful wipeout. We’ve seen a lot of those photos and we’ll definitely feature some of them in the weeks to come (do tag us with your surfing photo, ok?). But before we feature the surfboards or the surfers, we’ll feature the waves. Feel free to please describe, for the benefit of the community, the waves of Baler (use the comment section below). Right now, we have this description from the lovely lady Amiel A (amieleima), shown running for her life from the Baler waves (ok, we’re just making up the running part): “10ft waves in rage! Swear it looks small from the shore but when you get closer it’s really huge!” Can’t see the 10-foot waves? Look closer at the photo below (click the photo to enlarge). Better still, go visit Baler! Travel time! Continue reading Photo of the Day: Waves of Baler

Must-Visit Philippine Festivals in 2014

We came across a list of top 5 restaurants in the Philippines, compiled by the It’s More Fun in the Philippines website — KaLui (Puerto Princesa, Palawan), Abe, Chocolate de Batirol (Baguio City), La Preciosa (Laoag, Ilocos Norte), Cafe Juanita (Pasig). We’ve visited all these restaurants (and then some) and we can humbly say that other restaurants should be in that list (Lantaw of Cebu, for instance). So why don’t we have our own list? We can start with the Top 5 Festivals that everyone must visit, see and experience this year, 2014. Continue reading Must-Visit Philippine Festivals in 2014

Campita’s Broas (Lady Fingers) of Lucban

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of Lucban? Yes, that’s the one in Quezon Province. And yes, it’s the home of the kiping and the famous Pahiyas Festival celebrated every May, but what comes to mind after that? Uhm, yes, the pansit habhab and Buddy’s Restaurant probably comes next, but what comes after that? Well, you won’t probably get to what we’re trying to point to. We didn’t have a clue, either. Until we received a can of Campita’s Broas (lady fingers). We’ve been to Lucban and visited the Pahiyas Festival but we didn’t notice that broas is a Lucban delicacy. Continue reading Campita’s Broas (Lady Fingers) of Lucban