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Life in the Time of Corona

Travel, both domestic and international, is practically dead at this time. Countries are closing their borders. The lockdown in the Philippines, for instance, bars all inbound international flights, as well as domestic flights. This means that hotels, restaurants, airlines, travel agencies and other tourism-related activities must take a big gulp of financial oxygen and hold on until the lockdown, called enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines, is lifted. 

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Food Trip: Philippine Travel Stories

We see a lot of food photographs in Instagram, but one particular photo grabbed our attention and made us realize that, hey, we don’t have enough food shots featured in our Philippine travel stories. It’s time to change all that. Tag us with your food photos in Instagram so we can update this post. Let’s start with these: Continue reading Food Trip: Philippine Travel Stories

The Nook Cafe with Harry Potter (and the Maginhawa Hub)

Disappointment is a tough concept to predict, we’ve learned throughout our travels, primarily because it largely depends on the level of expectation that has grown root in one’s mind. What may be disappointing to some may be outstanding to others. What may be disappointing to someone may have been satisfactory to the same person if the expectation was correctly set. We’ve been badly burned by resorts and destinations that are made to glitter like diamonds in their websites, only to find a lump of semi-precious stone. We didn’t set any expectation when we set out to search for The Nook, coffee and books. Continue reading The Nook Cafe with Harry Potter (and the Maginhawa Hub)

Welcome to Quezon City: Photo of the Day

It’s amazing how we encounter something (or someone) on a regular basis, yet only have a superficial idea on what it is, or how beautiful it really is when viewed on a different light. Take the Welcome Rotonda, also known as the Mabuhay Rotonda, in Quezon City. It’s a roundabout at the border of Quezon City and Manila City, found at one one end of Quezon Avenue (Quezon City side) and Espana Avenue (Manila City side). People usually take it for granted, a traffic junction usually choked during peak hours. It’s a marble monument surrounded by four lions, marking the east, west, north and south corners. We didn’t know this interesting piece of information until today. We also didn’t know that the Welcome Rotonda can transform its unremarkable look into something majestic at night — captured with the right camera settings and at the right angles. Photo courtesy of Mark Villeza (check his Instragram acount, @markvilleza, for more photos). Click the photo to enlarge.

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The Best Burgers in Town: 5 Things to Know about the Snack Shack

We are always in the hunt for the best burgers. Right up front, we’re going to say that we’re not saying the Snack Shack burgers are the best in the entire in the Philippines. We’re not even saying that it’s the best in Metro Manila. No, we’re not making that decision yet. Not yet. But we’re going to put taste buds on the line and say that the Snack Shack can give ANY burger a run for their money; definitely the best burger joint in this side of Quezon City. There are 5 things that you should know about the Snack Shack. Continue reading The Best Burgers in Town: 5 Things to Know about the Snack Shack

Uno, Dos, Cheese: The Powerpuff Cheesecake of Uno Restaurant

What’s important is what’s inside, we’ve always thought. The world’s preoccupation on the superficial looks is not only expensive for the endless parade of men and women who heavily value external beauty, but also the bane of those who believe that what’s essential is invisible to the naked eye (the last part was uttered by a contestant in a beauty contest, we know, which merely makes it ironic, not untrue). What’s important is indeed hidden. This is true in larger life; true with food. Take, for instance, the cheesecake of Uno Restaurant. Continue reading Uno, Dos, Cheese: The Powerpuff Cheesecake of Uno Restaurant

Red Velvet + Ube + Bagnet + Ilocos Taste = Victorino’s

Happiness is a matter of perspective. We love the spontaneity in travel and we love surprises when in comes to food. We’ve long ago decided to embrace the curve balls, good and bad, life throws our way. Ready to deal with the bad times, happier to deal with the good times. So how happy can we get with the evening surprise we discovered at the Ilocano culinary stronghold of Victorino’s? Continue reading Red Velvet + Ube + Bagnet + Ilocos Taste = Victorino’s

Pizza and a Restaurant called Project Pie

It’s funny how kids use school “projects” as excuse to stay out late in the evening and, more importantly, to get more funds from their parents. It’s funny because parents already know about this, having used the modus operandi when they were kids themselves. Papunta ka pa lang pabalik na kami, some parents say. Indeed, it is said that everything we need to learn, we learned in kindergarten. Projects, fortunately, are not among those we learn in kindergarden. Imagine this: the made-up projects in school are the template for “ghost projects” in government. Imagine the project to consist of birthday cakes or, in the case of Project Pie, pizza. Continue reading Pizza and a Restaurant called Project Pie

My One and Uno Restaurant (Quezon City)

An aura of stillness, of peace and quiet, permeates the two-floor Uno Restaurant; a surprising ambiance considering its location, Tomas Morato in Quezon City (corner Scout Fuentebella). The ambiance is the reason why we chose to come back to Uno Restaurant. The other reason would be the cheesecake. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Continue reading My One and Uno Restaurant (Quezon City)