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Boracay Nights: Photo of the Day

Imagine an island, with white-flour sand gleaming under the year-round embrace of the tropical sun, with its crystal clear waters overflowing with happiness enough for all who wish to enjoy paradise. It’s called Boracay. And at night, as darkness sets in, expected to dim the scene and douse the energy of everyone, the beach gently glows in lazy warm-yellow glow emanting from under the coconut trees. The party is just starting. Wish we’re in Boracay right now. Good thing we can see it through the lens of Oliver Gumboc (check his Instagram account, @whereisoyi for other photos). Click the photo to enlarge.

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5 Things to Remember About the Sinulog Festival (Cebu City)

We’ve had our fair share of Sinulog celebrations in Cebu City, but now our participation is limited to watching this annual festival on tv or reading about it in write-ups. We can’t join them all. Still, we intend to immerse our children in the Sinulog. Here are 5 things that, in our opinion, we must imprint in their young minds as they begin their Sinulog journey (we were actually thinking of 15 things to remember, but that’s too much even for us). Continue reading 5 Things to Remember About the Sinulog Festival (Cebu City)