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Sleepy in Bikini: Philippine Beach Travel Stories

Should we feature bikini photos? That’s our internal topic of debate over the entire weekend (feel free to weigh in through the comment section below). For one, a bikini is just another piece of clothing, common in a tropical country like the Philippines. Two, the Philippines has hundreds of beautiful beaches, many among the best in the world, and a bikini is a perfect wear on a sunny beach to get a good tan. Three, these Philippine travelers are comfortable with their bodies and we can’t act like prudes in this modern day. There other reasons, for or against, thrown in the ring, but the resolution is obviously to feature the bikini-inspired VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instagram. Continue reading Sleepy in Bikini: Philippine Beach Travel Stories

Walk in Paradise at Kalanggaman Sandbar, Leyte: Photo of the Day

There are many amazing ways to look at the gorgeous Kalanggaman Island, or Kalanggaman sandbar, off the coast of Palompon, Leyte (can also be accessed through Cebu) — aerial shot, underwater shot, jump shot, and just about any angle you can imagine. Whatever the angle is, we can bet our traveling foot that the photograph will turn out beautiful, like this photo by Bert Al Fronte Millendez (check his Instagram acount, @alfro20, for more photos). Powder-white sand, clear waters, blue sky, warm tropical sun. It takes around an hour of boat ride to this small sandbar, so there’s a feeling of seclusion (except that you’ll most likely be joined by other tourists also seeking to get a taste of this island-paradise). We’ve been planning to visit this sandbar last year, but the travel gods have other plans for us. Most likely this year. Most likely we’ll encounter you there? See you in paradise. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Walk in Paradise at Kalanggaman Sandbar, Leyte: Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Barkada Sinkhole in Kalanggaman Island

Nope, there’s no sinkhole in Kalanggaman Island; don’t panic. By “barkada sinkhole,” we’re referring to a shallow hole on the white beach, most likely dug by hand by one or two members of the barkada, inside which a camera is placed to get a nice shot of the entire gang with the blue sky as lovely background (some explanation there, whew!). It’s a cool shot, really, and this is the reason why we’ve asked jacqueaeiouh — a nurse, hobbyist, goprotographer, backpacker, and pug lover — to allow us to repost the photo of her barkada when they visited the awesome sandbar known as Kalanggaman Island, found in Palompon, Leyte (but also accessible through Camotes Island, Cebu). We love to feature photographs of the beautiful destinations in the Philippines, but we also love to showcase the awesome fun and sheer happiness that come with travel. Those are priceless memories you carry even through the rainy days. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Barkada Sinkhole in Kalanggaman Island