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Culinary Bet on the Red Crab (Alimango House) at Resorts World, Manila

There’s hardly a need to convince anyone that crabs are sinfully delicious. So much so, indeed, that the taste is immortalized in the Filipino folk song. Tong tong tong tong pakitong-kitong/ Alimango sa dagat/ Malaki at masarap / Mahirap mahuli / Sapagkat nangangagat (“alimango” means crab, while “masarap” means delicious, good luck in translating “tong tong pakitong-kitong”). I could imagine Mr. Krab, Spongebob‘s grumpy and greedy boss at the Krusty Krab, would be just as tender and succulent when cooked. Continue reading Culinary Bet on the Red Crab (Alimango House) at Resorts World, Manila


It’s probably one of the foods I’ve came to know after milk and infant food. In our place where the sea is just around the corner, kinilaw is usually present at the dining table, and no beach occasion or drinking session is complete without it. In “Kinilaw: a Philippine Cuisine of Freshness” (1991), Edilberto N. Alegre and Doreen G. Fernandez deliciously described kinilaw in this manner: Continue reading Kinilaw

Pearl Farm Resort, Davao

The Pearl Farm. We’ve long wondered about this resort. Magazines and TV shows have featured this place. Images of huge white pearls being grown here wander in our minds. We thought this is one of the places we really, really want to go. Who would have thought that one day, it became a reality. One day, we were at the Pearl Farm. The first thing we discovered? There are no pearls cultured in the Pearl Farm. Continue reading Pearl Farm Resort, Davao