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Get into the Spirit of Ati-Atihan, Aklan: Photo of the Day

There are at least two well-known, and well-loved, annual festivals in the Philippines to honor the Santo Niño (Infant Jesus) — the Sinulog of Cebu and the Ati-Atihan of Kalibo, Aklan. The name of the latter festival means “to be like the Atis or Aetas,” a group of Filipinos who were the primary settlers of the islands. Atis or Aetas have black skin, so it’s common for Ati-Atihan participants and performers to color their skin black and wear tribal costumes, as shown in this photo by Atch (check his Instagram acount, @atch.dreams, for more awesome photos). Aklan’s Ati-Atihan, of course, is the festival that inspired other mardi gras, including the Sinulog. Tourists / visitors must wait for at least one year to watch both festivals, as they are simultaneously scheduled every third Sunday of January. Which festival to watch first? That’s a good problem to have. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Get into the Spirit of Ati-Atihan, Aklan: Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Banana Boat Ride of Boracay

There are boats, then there are banana boats. You can have a banana boat ride in a lot of places, but there’s only one Boracay banana boat ride. This one holds a special place in our hearts because Boracay was our first banana boat ride ever, back when the terms “film” and “roll” were still relevant to photography. Even until today, Boracay exudes a certain aura that blankets the entire place, infusing every soul within its island vibe that bumps up the adrenaline level. Heck, even zombies will come alive in Boracay. Now, let’s check this photo by Aiza Bacani (check her account in Instagram, @aizabacs). Here she is, with that ear-to-ear smile (wait, how do you call a smile, 100 times over?). We would have wanted to take our photo just like that, but we always end up like the lady at her back. All we do is grab that banana boat handle and hold on for dear life. Ah, brings back memories of extreme Boracay fun. One of the reasons why we take time to update the Daily Photos. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Banana Boat Ride of Boracay

5 Reasons Why We (Still) Love Boracay

So much has been written about Boracay, recognized as one of the BEST beaches in the world (yes, that’s a bit modest, because Boracay has been dubbed, in more than one occasion, as THE best beach in the world). And because we can’t speak for everyone, we’ll give (at least) five reasons why we still love Boracay. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why We (Still) Love Boracay