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Photo of the Day: Philippines 101

The very first time we saw Miguel de Dios‘ (autumnedout) photo of a Philippine map wonderfully presented on the world-renowned Boracay sand, we thought we have discovered a creative tool to aid students in learning geography. A eureka moment, really. Geography is not the most exciting subject in school, truth be told (especially considering that our politicians make our student lives more miserable by constantly rearranging boundaries to suit their sphere of influence). It’s not an excuse not to learn, of course, but imagine how much more exciting it is for kids to learn geography by requiring them to PLAY on a beach and create a relief map of the Philippines. It doesn’t have to be in Boracay — the Philippines is gifted with 7,107 beautiful islands that host world-class beaches. Just a playful thought, but imagine if we can find a way to have that, then someone won’t be dedicating this photo to his “geography teacher who said I didn’t have it in me.” Right, Miguel? =) Here’s the cool photo (click photo to enlarge):

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Local Government Units (LGU) in the Philippines

This list of local government units (provinces are highlighted, while the cities/municipalities within the territory of each province are respectively listed under each) has a two-fold purpose. First, this is intended to provide a link to each LGU in order to help travelers and tourists looking for pertinent information on the place. Second, this is also intended to provide a link to LGU websites and make them visible in the internet.

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