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Finding Charlie: Reminder for Divers to Protect Corals and Marine Life

Photos of a vandalized live coral in a Philippine diving site recently circulated in Facebook. A group of concerned divers, including Vince Tenchavez, found a set of corals etched with a name — Charlie — and the date. This is similar to vandalism found on cave walls and other sensitive ecotourism areas. Continue reading Finding Charlie: Reminder for Divers to Protect Corals and Marine Life

River to Infinity (Farm) and Beyond: Photo of the Day

A river, in our book, is a very sensive, more vulnerable, body of water. Unlike the ocean which simply takes in whatever is thrown its way, a river, in order to remain a living river, must maintain a certain  degree of color transparency and taste neutrality. Pour contaminants into a river and you can immediately taste the change in the river’s water. Because river water should be clear, impurities can easily be observed. A healthy river is usually surrounded by relatively uspoiled nature — green trees, fresh air. These are only some of the reasons why we’re ecstatic every time we find a living river. We recently found one in Infinity Farm, located in Oriental Mindoro, courtesy of Jessica Dianne Aranas, an architect in the making (check her Instagram account, @jadeyjadeeee for other photos). Click the photo to enlarge.

Continue reading River to Infinity (Farm) and Beyond: Photo of the Day

Giant Philippine Lizard: Filipino Godzilla

It’s gratifying, yet somewhat funny, to see non-Filipinos marvel at something we see on a regular basis. Take the monitor lizard, for instance. New species are still being discovered — by foreign scientists — as recent as 2010. Planet 100 of Planet Green characterizes the discovery of this 2-meter long new species, labelled as Filipino Godzilla, as a “rare occurrence”. Here’s the video: Continue reading Giant Philippine Lizard: Filipino Godzilla

Man-made Forest in Bohol

Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree. This is the last line of a Joyce Kilmer poem. Here in Bohol, people not only make a tree, they grow an entire man-made forest. Located at the border of the Bilar and Loboc towns in Bohol, the man-made forest is a 2-kilometer stretch of purposely-planted mahogany trees, in the middle of which the road leading to the Chocolate Hills cuts through. Continue reading Man-made Forest in Bohol


My wife woke me up early one morning. She said there are dragonflies flying outside our window. She never noticed them before, she said. I was half-asleep, having downed a couple of beers the night before with my law school blockmates. Beer is supposed to be a no-no for someone who has no more gall bladder, but how can I not drink when I rarely see my blockmates since passing the bar exams years back? Continue reading Dragonflies