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Philippine Travel: Locations Open for Tourism + Requirements during the Community Quarantine

Bored yet? We’ll soon have the first-year anniversary when the Philippines, and pretty much the whole world, stayed due to the quarantine measures implemented by the government. Staying at home has its perks, but doing it for one year definitely has its downside. Perhaps it’s time to spend some serious time under the summer sun in some of our favorite Philippine travel destinations.

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The Jewel of the South, Pearl Farm Beach Resort (Samal Island, Davao): Photo of the Day

“Have you seen a better view?,” asks Pearl Farm Beach Resort (check its Instagram account, @pearlfarmofficial, for more photos). Dangerous question, sir. To be perfectly honest, yes, we have seen better views — Palawan, Batanes, Caramoan, Panglao, to name a few. But the Pearl Farm can definitely hold its own among the best. We love the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, also called Jewel of the South, in Samal Island, Davao. There are reasons why the Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a two-time recipient of the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) accreditation as a Class A Resort, which speaks volumes about this resort (also a two-time recipient of the Resort of the Year from Kalakbay Awards). Those reasons include its relaxing serenity and how the gorgeous infrastructure tastefully blends with the natural beauty of the place. Yes, we will go back at the Pearl Farm, and, yes, when we’re lounging in that infinity pool, we will definitely revisit the same question: have we seen a better view? Click the photo to enlarge.
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Photo of the Day: Sulfur Soap, Anyone?

What alien planet is this?!” That was the first thing that entered our mind when we saw this photo. Well, at least that’s the stylized version of what initially crossed our mind, which is this: “Wow! Ganda! Yellow! Saan kaya ‘to?“). It’s a strange yellow world (probably not different when eating a pizza slice in Yellow Cab). We checked and realized that this out-of-this-world scene is really a sulfur vent in the majestic Mt. Apo, the Philippines’ highest peak. Now, look closer. What do you see? Yes, outside the alien sulphur vent is a brave member of the human species, identified by the intergalactic ig as Allan Rizare (allanrizare). He has a mysterious smile, just like the Mona Lisa (but we bet he’s just holding his breath, right, Allan?) That’s one totally awesome photo (click to enlarge). Look here: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Sulfur Soap, Anyone?

Durian (Davao)

“Durian, the king of fruits, has a special place in the hearts of Davaoenos. It is, after all, one of the greatest attractions of Davao City, luring thousands of visitors to come see these shores to experience the fruit that, some say, “tastes like heaven but smells like hell.” But more than just an attraction, the durian is a delight to the Davaoenos, especially to the lumad community who were surely the first to enjoy it. It is also a “thorny” reminder that there is much to be thankful for in this land. The abundance of nature is never more obvious than during durian season, when the streets overflow with the fruit and locals can be found squatting on the sidewalk to enjoy a simple — truly incomparable — feast.” Continue reading Durian (Davao)

Pearl Farm Resort, Davao

The Pearl Farm. We’ve long wondered about this resort. Magazines and TV shows have featured this place. Images of huge white pearls being grown here wander in our minds. We thought this is one of the places we really, really want to go. Who would have thought that one day, it became a reality. One day, we were at the Pearl Farm. The first thing we discovered? There are no pearls cultured in the Pearl Farm. Continue reading Pearl Farm Resort, Davao