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Photo of the Day: Pinatubo Volcano Picnic

It’s amazing how nature can be so cruel, yet, at the same time, undeniably beautiful. By all accounts, using the words “picnic” and “volcano” in the same breath sounds insane. But that’s what you get at Mt. Pinatubo. Not a long time ago, a little more than two decades to be exact, Mt. Pinatubo erupted. If you think nature was cruel when Super Typhoon Yolanda hit, you were obviously not born yet when Pinatubo unleashed its wrath, a force hidden deep within the earth for centuries. In the same way that Yolanda introduced the new generation to terms like “storm surge,” Mt. Pinatubo introduced us to terms like “pyroclastic material” and “lahar.” The ash cloud was so intense, it lowered the world temperature and kicked out the U.S. military bases. Today, Mt. Pinatubo is quiet, a beautiful sight to behold. Trek to its crater, sit by the crater lake, and just marvel at that work of art. You won’t believe that this was once Ground Zero of utter devastation. And, oh, about the picnic, here’s how they did it, Ebrahim Dasalla and his friends (check his Instagram account, @eiamhere).  Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Pinatubo Volcano Picnic

Photo of the Day: Pinatubo Crater

When Mt. Pinatubo exploded in 1991, it was so huge and violent that whole towns were buried in volcanic debris. Lava scorched and burned everything on its path. The ash it spewed travel halfway around the world, lowering world temperature by one degree fahrenheit. Ash was so thick day become a moonless night. The rain brought by the incoming typhoon brought a torrent of ash/acid laced raindrops. Yet, years after the 1991 Pinatubo eruption, we hear adventure junkies, like the_intruderofficial, say that it’s his “type of skyline.” Really, seeing the beautiful stillness of Pinatubo at this time is hard to believe if we bring in the images of the 1991 eruption. It makes one reflect how Mother Nature produces something absolutely beautiful from a process that is utterly violent. Here’s the photo (click to enlarge) of the Pinatubo crater, courtesy of the_intruderofficial: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Pinatubo Crater