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Everything that Flies at the 21st Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta: Photo of the Day

The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is on its 21st year, the longest-running sports aviation event in Asia. The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta has done a good job of filling the skies with everything that flies, like these lovely hot air balloons, photo courtesy of i am joey (check his Instagram account, @e1cam1n0, for more photos). The event usually eats into Valentines Day celebrations, a perfect venue for couples (or would-be couples) to watch things fly other than love sparks. For 2017, it is scheduled to run from February 9-12, so, yes, it has already started and you only have a few days left to go (tickets at the gate; you can also get separate tickets to ride the balloons). It’s easy to find — just look for those flying hot air balloons (seriously, just head on to Clark Economic Zone, around 80 kilometers north of Manila, highly accessible through one of the best-managed highways in the Philippines, the North Luzon Expressway or NLEX/NLE). Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Everything that Flies at the 21st Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta: Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Hot Air Balloon

This bright-colored hot air balloon looked majestic against the backdrop of Mt. Arayat, says Harold Dave Narte (@haroldizer), although this one wasn’t able to lift off. For the 19th year, the international Hot Air Balloon Festival took off, or gently drifted, in Clark Airfield, Pampanga. We’ve always wondered by the festival is scheduled every Valentines Day because, truth be told, we find nothing romantic with hot air balloons. Beautiful and graceful, yes, but romantic? What do you think? Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Hot Air Balloon

The Surprising Viet Garden Vietnamese Cuisine in Angeles, Pampanga

There’s an interesting sight when passing by Clark and Angeles (Pampanga) — the endless row of foreign-themed restaurants, probably a reflection of Clark’s history as a former military base of a foreign country and an existing economic zone. In one quite corner of Bayanihan Park (along M.A. Roxas Highway, Balibago, Angeles City) sits the Viet Garden Vietnamese Cuisine, a restaurant that blends well with the surrounding establishments, perhaps too well that first-time visitors won’t notice it. So why is it full? We’ll tell you why. Continue reading The Surprising Viet Garden Vietnamese Cuisine in Angeles, Pampanga

Water Fun at Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks (Clarkfield, Pampanga)

No two places are the same, in the same way that no place is the same in the eyes of different persons. In the world of water theme parks, our new favorite is the Imperial Palace Waterpark and Spa Cebu, basically because it’s the newest and cleanest among the waterpark lot. It’s found in Central Visayas, which means that it’s not a default option for a quickie weekend getaway for someone living in Luzon. The next option, just south of Metro Manila, is the Splash Island, with the most number of exciting water slides. But Splash Island feels like a theme park in serious search for its soul, so there’s a challenge to search for another water theme park at the other end of the metro. And so with hearts overflowing with adventure (and a tank filled with just enough gas), we found our way through the North Luzon Expressway, totally clueless of a destination. Continue reading Water Fun at Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks (Clarkfield, Pampanga)

Dinosaurs Island in Clark, Pampanga

Name three dinosaurs that you know. Quick! Let me guess — you named some of the common dinosaurs: T.Rex, Triceratops and the Velociraptor. These dinosaurs have been popularized by that amazing 1993 movie, Jurassic Park. Imagine these dinosaurs (and more) are moving, roaring at the top of their lungs, and you can interact with them, face to face, in an enclosed location that resembles Jurassic Park? If that’s a tad difficult to imagine, then better visit the Dinosaurs Island. Continue reading Dinosaurs Island in Clark, Pampanga

The Dinosaur-stars of Dinosaurs Island

The stars of Dinosaurs Island, as the very name of this must-visit destination suggests, are the dinosaurs. While we have a separate post on the Dinosaurs Island (located at Clark, Pampanga), these dinosaur-stars deserve no less than their very own post. An introduction of sorts (the descriptions quoted here are only portions of what you can read onsite). Here are some of the dinosaurs you’ll encounter at the Dinosaurs Island: Continue reading The Dinosaur-stars of Dinosaurs Island

Zoocobia Fun Zoo and Paradise Ranch (Sacobia, Clarkfield, Pampanga)

A destination oftentimes presents a welcome surprise, a deviation from the usual image associated with it. Take, for instance, Clarkfield in Pampanga. Foremost that may come to mind is the U.S. airbase, long gone, and the existing economic zone. There’s the Macapagal airport, hub of budget airlines. It’s the venue of the annual hot air balloon festival. It’s hard to think that an educational establishment like the Nayong Pilipino and ecotourism site would be found here. Continue reading Zoocobia Fun Zoo and Paradise Ranch (Sacobia, Clarkfield, Pampanga)

Clearwater Country Club (Clarkfield, Pampanga)

Clear waters are normal in the province way back then. A stream ran beside our old house, for instance. With clear and clean water, we could wash plates in that stream if we choose to. It was not too deep so we could go fishing and take a swim. It’s now gone, killed by overpopulation and pollution. No, not just the fish, but the stream itself. Continue reading Clearwater Country Club (Clarkfield, Pampanga)