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Find Your Dream Job in the Philippines: Philippine Travel Stories

Browsing through the VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instagram, we were provoked to ask a question that appears to be lurking under our consciousness for some time now — are we will to give up our day job and just travel year-round? It’s probably going to be boring, with travel becoming ordinary, a chore even, when done on a daily basis. We still have to resolve that issue, and feel free to tell us your opinion through the comment section below, but let’s assume we love that prospect, what are the dream jobs we’d like to have in the Philippine travel circuit? Continue reading Find Your Dream Job in the Philippines: Philippine Travel Stories

Happy Giraffe at Calauit Safari (Palawan): Photo of the Day

It’s dark and rainy today in Metro Manila, but we’re not at all gloomy because, for one, we have enough Philippine sunshine in our travel memory bank and, more importantly, we know very well that the sun shines abundantly crisp somewhere in the rest of the islands. We won’t be surprised that the giraffes of Calauit Safari in Palawan are happily lounging under the morning sun, lazily munching on their favorite leaves, with visitors and tourists safely tucked somewhere in the scene — too close for comfort, at times, as we see in this photo by Anne (check her Instragram acount, @bae__con, for more photos). Look for her, she’s somewhere beautifully camouflaged in that photo. So, next time you visit Palawan, remember that it offers more than great beaches and amazing underwater sights. Go island hopping, as you should do when in Palawan, with the Calauit Safari as one of the stops. Enjoy! Click the photo to enlarge.

Continue reading Happy Giraffe at Calauit Safari (Palawan): Photo of the Day

Calauit Safari Park (Busuanga, Palawan)

We’re here in Calauit Island…looking for the most dangerous animal…the giraffe!” You have to read that line, or, better still, say it out loud, in your best imitation of the Australian “Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin, in the same manner that our nephew blurted those words, from out of the blue and fresh from deep slumber, as soon as he stepped on Calauit Safari Park. Continue reading Calauit Safari Park (Busuanga, Palawan)