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Of Reflections, Rivers and Lakes: Philippine Travel Stories

There are places to commune with nature; we posted our Top 10 of these places. We also posted about the still life. There’s something else that we noticed with the VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instagram. A lot of reflections are done on rivers and lakes. We’re not really surprised, because a calm lake or river lacks the hyperactive edge of the beach and presents an added difficulty of trekking, just like mountaineering. Balance is what you’ll find. Continue reading Of Reflections, Rivers and Lakes: Philippine Travel Stories

The Feet of Summer: Philippines Travel Photos

Looking at the photos with our tag or with #visitpinas in Instagram, we noticed a pattern of feet as focus in various Philippine destinations. We’ve also noticed that all of these photos are from women. We don’t know why. Perhaps this is just an extension to women’s love for shoes. Yes, men also love sneakers, but that’s nothing compared to the relationship between women, shoes and bags. Let’s feature some of these feet that happily roamed the gorgeous islands of the Philippines. Continue reading The Feet of Summer: Philippines Travel Photos

Photo the Day: Women’s Month

Why the title, “Women’s Month”? Well, before we go there, let’s do a little detour. It’s no secret that we love the outdoors. Yes, yes, we love to cuddle in bed during weekends but, when the travel bug bites — and our bed teems with travel bugs — we don’t think twice in answering the call of nature, er, call of the outdoors. So it’s also no surprise that we’ve featured a number of photos with our kababayans on top of some rock with arms wide open. There’s Pico de Loro, the Parrot’s Beak, Batulao, and Osmena Peak, to name a few. There’s something terribly wonderful with such seemingly ordinary conquest. When we stumbled on the photo of Samantha Isabel Coronado (@followyouroad) — who happens to be a writer, entrepreneur, and life enthusiast — we immediately noticed the caption, “Because it’s #WomenMonth.” March is, of course, women’s month, and March 8, Women’s Day. Perhaps Samantha (or Isabel?) is trying to make a statement that women can reach new heights. Maybe. Let’s hear from her she drops by VisitPinas.  And perhaps while we’re at it, why don’t we trek to Norzagaray, Bulacan, where this rock formation is located, and experience how it feels to be up there. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo the Day: Women’s Month

Surprises in Angat Dam Journey (Bulacan)

“Let’s go to Angat Dam.” It was not the first time we’ve traveled based on a spontaneous decision. It takes two to tango, so any answer other than an unqualified and spontaneous “ok” from the recipient of the “challenge” would nip the spontaneity. And the journey. Continue reading Surprises in Angat Dam Journey (Bulacan)

The Historical Barasoain Church (Bulacan)

The Philippines has just celebrated Independence Day, June 12. The primary place of celebration is, as it should be, in Kawit (Cavite). This is where the Declaration of Independence was made by General Emilio Aguinaldo, and where the existing form of the Philippine flag was also unfurled for the first time, on 12 June 1898. Continue reading The Historical Barasoain Church (Bulacan)

Amana Waterpark (Pandi, Bulacan)

Summer is that time of year to enjoy the outdoors. Some prefer the beach, like Boracay, Pagudpud or Anilao. Some prefer mountain climbing, like in Mt. Pulag. Others, especially those with kids, prefer to cool down in water theme parks like Splash Island. Those who are near Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan, have a new destination — the Amana Waterpark. Continue reading Amana Waterpark (Pandi, Bulacan)

Kakanin Heaven at Rosalie’s (Bulacan)

Wow! That’s the first word that came out of my (salivating) mouth when I stepped inside an enclosure that resembles a garage with steel grills from outside, but looks, smells and tastes like food heaven inside. The second word I uttered was: “Wow!” For some strange gastronomical reason I had the urge to dive into the sea of kakanin. If I did and got sued for it, I would definitely raise the defense of insanity brought about by sensory overload. Continue reading Kakanin Heaven at Rosalie’s (Bulacan)

Inipit de Leche (Bulacan) and Pastel (Camiguin)

In every place you go in the Philippines, there’s bound to be a food specialty closely associated with that place. Otap and lechon of Cebu. Durian of Davao. Piyaya of Iloilo. Buko Pie on the way from Tagaytay. Binagol and moron from Tacloban. Ube jam from Baguio. Balut of Pateros. The list is endless. These food and delicacies immediately jump off your taste buds when those places are mentioned. Continue reading Inipit de Leche (Bulacan) and Pastel (Camiguin)