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Ark Avilon Zoo, Fun Ranch and Tiendesitas

We’ve read somewhere that there’s a “cool” zoo just beside Tiendesitas. A zoo beside Tiendesitas is a bit strange because aside from the fact that Tiendesitas is a place to shop and eat, it’s beside a mall (SM). Also, we regularly pass through the Malabon City zoo, just behind Potrero elementary school along McArthur Highway (that’s a few meters from Monumento, Caloocan), but we never had the desire to go in a zoo, and we’re not really sure if it’s proper to qualify a “zoo” with being cool. The Ark Avilon Zoo beside Tiendesitas (sister zoo of Avilon Zoo, Rizal) made us rethink that. Continue reading Ark Avilon Zoo, Fun Ranch and Tiendesitas