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Dapitan Arcade (Quezon City)

Maybe you’ve bought a new home or transferred to a new one. Maybe you woke up one day and felt the urge to rearrange or add furniture and other accessories in your home. When looking for accessories or decorations for your home, you could very well go to the shopping malls or home depots. Or you could go to hidden home-shopping nirvana. Continue reading Dapitan Arcade (Quezon City)

Ark Avilon Zoo, Fun Ranch and Tiendesitas

We’ve read somewhere that there’s a “cool” zoo just beside Tiendesitas. A zoo beside Tiendesitas is a bit strange because aside from the fact that Tiendesitas is a place to shop and eat, it’s beside a mall (SM). Also, we regularly pass through the Malabon City zoo, just behind Potrero elementary school along McArthur Highway (that’s a few meters from Monumento, Caloocan), but we never had the desire to go in a zoo, and we’re not really sure if it’s proper to qualify a “zoo” with being cool. The Ark Avilon Zoo beside Tiendesitas (sister zoo of Avilon Zoo, Rizal) made us rethink that. Continue reading Ark Avilon Zoo, Fun Ranch and Tiendesitas