Summer Getaway in the Philippines

It’s summer! Tourists are surely searching for the perfect getaway adventure. For students, school year 2012 is about to end soon, well, actually depending if they have to take removal exams. For working people, there’s a rare 5-day extra long weekend this April.

Hmmmm. Which would be the best summer getaway this 2012? Here are our ideas. And because we have different preferences, you may have your own list, so please feel free to slap us with your top choices through the comment section below.

Palawan. The Puerto Princessa underground river, a certified New Wonder of the World, beckons but this is not the reason we’ve chosen Palawan as our top choice. Summer means sun burn and beaches, of course, and we haven’t fully immersed ourselves in the white beaches, pristine waters and breathtaking scenery of Palawan.

Boracay. No matter what they say about Boracay — that it’s overcrowded and in the brink of ecological Armageddon (that’s a gross overstatement, of course, but I hope they maintain Boracay’s balance) — we’ll always consider it a paradise. It could be as loud as you want, or as quiet as you prefer, it all really depends on how you want to enjoy the world-famous, fine white beaches of Boracay.

Baguio. Sure, Baguio is the Philippine summer capital with lots to offer for first-time guests, but we believe (and apologies to those who believe otherwise) that it’s way more overcrowded than Boracay. The only place of quiet and refuge would be the area surrounding The Manor at Camp John Hay. It’s a love-hate relationship. We love the fog and the quiet of John Hay (and so we’ll definitely go there this Summer), but we hate the heavy traffic and the overcrowding (hmmm, I’m trying to kick out the whispering voice saying, “don’t go”).

Philippines has a lot more to offer and there are other places we want to go. Batanes. Perhaps another road trip to Ilocos (Pagudpud, sand dunes, wind mills, light houses, the churches for visita Iglesia, Vigan). Sorsogon, with its butandings and the itinerary through Mayon. Bellaroca of Marinduque or surfing at the Kahuna of La Union.

The Chocolate Hills and Panglao Island of Bohol. Shooting the rapids at Pagsanjan. A kid’s trip to Splash Island, Enchanted Kingdom, Avilon Zoo or Manila Ocean Park. The sky is the limit. Really, it’s more fun in the Philippines.

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