Pork Sisig: “The Greatest Pork Hash on Earth”

What’s the best roasted pork in the world? If you ask us, it’s the lechon. If you ask Anthony Bourdain, it’s the lechon. We’re not going to ask you, unless, of course, you’ve tasted the best lechon Filipino. So we’re out to ask you something else — what’s the best pork hash on earth?

No, don’t ask us — we’ve just encountered the term “pork hash” (but we know sisig and we know our sisig really well). Let’s hear it from the New York Times. Read the article, “Pull Up a Stool and Prepare for the Sizzle (Hungry City: Lumpia Shack Snackbar in the West Village)“, which says, in part, “This is sisig, the greatest pork hash — arguably greatest pork dish — on earth.” Seriously, read it. Proudly Pinoy!

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