Pearl Farm Resort, Davao

The Pearl Farm. We’ve long wondered about this resort. Magazines and TV shows have featured this place. Images of huge white pearls being grown here wander in our minds. We thought this is one of the places we really, really want to go. Who would have thought that one day, it became a reality. One day, we were at the Pearl Farm. The first thing we discovered? There are no pearls cultured in the Pearl Farm.

[See Map: Directions on how to get there]

There’s a fish farm in the middle of the sea on the way to the Pearl Farm. But there are no pearls. Not that it matters, anyway, because we went there to enjoy the resort.

We took a van from Davao City, but not before devouring a good serving of sinugba na tuna (grilled tuna) and kinilaw.  We tried to drop by the Crocodile Farm but there’s just no more time. The trip would only be to the Pearl Farm.

Jump-off point after the ride is a hotel with a pier, Waterfront. Peddlers of pearls surprisingly abound at the pier. While pearls. Black pearls. Different grades. Different sizes. Different prices. This only adds fuel to our initial (mis)impression that pearls are indeed cultured in the Pearl Farm. But the pearls are from the other areas of Mindanao, not from the Pearl Farm.

From Waterfront’s pier, the banca (boat) ride towards the Pearl Farm, located at Samal Island, took some 30 minutes.

The boat passed a number of white beaches. So we asked, “Pare, ‘yun na ba ang Pearl Farm?” (Dude, is that the Pearl Farm?). “No, sir,” the boat operator retorted with a smile. Maybe he has experienced (or suffered through?) similar child-like questions. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? We’re pretty much sure other guests, while impatiently sitting on the banca zipping through the open sea, have asked the same question.

When you see beautiful cottages on stilts lining the white beach, you know you’ve arrived at the Pearl Farm. We thought it would be fun staying in a cottage where the balcony opens to the sea, literally. You can play some game (like spin a coconut?) and the loser gets thrown to the sea. Direct from the balcony. Or it’s like a Ro-Ro when it’s hot — roll-in, roll-out. Just slip to the water for a dip and roll back to the balcony when done.

Unlike Boracay or Laiya, there are no neighboring resorts or restaurants within walking distance. It’s just you, the island and the Pearl Farm (so choose your companion carefully, although that sly smile on your face tells me you know exactly who to bring).

But because the Pearl Farm has no neighbors, it’s obviously secluded. Perfect for, you know, those things that should not be written here. This is a self-contained place. Jetski and water sports. Billiards while having beer. A restaurant that serves good food. A number of swimming pools.

We found no pearl grown at the Pearl Farm, though we went home happy. We’ve realized that the jewel is the place itself, where you could relax and enjoy nature at its best. Enjoy the white sand, the clean sea water, the gentle breeze, the fresh food and the great hospitality.

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