Parasailing in Boracay Island

The Boracay breeze must have frozen my brain that morning . . . or maybe it was the Jona’s watermelon shake . . . or maybe it was my desire to check out the gorgeous bodies littered along the entire beachfront all at the same time. I was rather surprised how calm I was when I decided to tempt fate and go para-sailing. I did not even think twice; well, I stopped for a moment to consider the cost. . . seems unreasonable because you go up for under fifteen minutes only…but heck, it’s not everyday that I get this chance.

[See update on Boracay: The World’s Best Island. The photos here have been updated to those of the more recent trips.]

I got a little seasick from the ride towards the bigger speedboat, which has the para-sailing gear, anchored way beyond the shoreline. Seasick . . . but calm . . . until the crew made us sign a waiver.

Then it hit me — Lord, sorry sa lahat. Darn, my palm was sweating, just like the time when I was insane enough to ride the SpaceShuttle at Enchanted Kingdom (I know there are those who enjoy these kinds of ride).

It may not be a good comparison, though, as it takes only seconds for the Space Shuttle. Einstein is of course right about the relativity theory. The 15-minute span seems to be too short while I was still thinking of the cost, but too long when I was already up there.

Again, I was surprised how calm it was up there . . . except for occasional gust of wind that yanks you down or sways you like a pendulum . . . but it felt great. I didn’t get the chance to watch those gorgeous babes on the beach — not because my wife was beside me hanging from that parachute, but because I was looking at the sky most of the time, praying that the Lord bless our soul.

See the map and directions.

In the end, it was worth it. Anyway, when you visit the Philippines or plan your vacation, consider Boracay. There are, of course, other great places to visit in the Philippines, but that would have to wait in the subsequent posts.

24 thoughts on “Parasailing in Boracay Island”

  1. just wanna ask the current rate of parasailing were be going in june 11-14,2010 we still dont know how much the exact cost.

    1. Published rate is P2,500 per person. You can haggle this down. Last May 4, 2010 we paid P1,300 per person 😀

  2. Could you give me the contact person/place where we can book for this parasailing thing?^^

    1. Hi Kathleen, Arianne, we don’t have the number of the parasailing provider. However, it’s fairly easy to contact them when you’re already there. You could ask the front desk of your hotel to contact them for you. Or when you’re strolling on the beach, as you would most probably do in Boracay, you’ll see the signs indicating that they offer parasailing services. Canvass for the lowest price. Have a great vacation. =)

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