Home Photos in the Time of COVID-19 Quarantine

Just because everyone is under home quarantine doesn’t mean we can’t have Instagram-worthy photos. And just because the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has brought so much suffering doesn’t mean we can’t smile anymore. So, to lighten up the mood while we’re all stuck at home (yes, it’s our duty to stay at home at this time to limit the spread of the virus), let’s feature some of your at-home photos (don’t forget to tag us at VisitPinas@Instagram to submit your photos).

Hang Out

Hanging out, literally, at home. Photo courtesy of Alec Palomo (check his Instagram account, @pinoygeektraveler, for more photos).

In normal times, we usually hang out somewhere outside our houses. Sure, many introverts consider hanging out at home as normal, but in this time of coronavirus, even extroverts are forced to hang out inside the house — literally. But that doesn’t make it normal for them.

It’s useless to complain about it. The new normal at this time is staying at home, and we owe it to the frontliners to give them a better fighting chance against the coronavirus. Let’s stay home. We can still hang out, you know. In the words of Alec Palomo:

Dear travelers in my feed. I know you’re itching to feed your wanderlust, but hang in there! ? Sorry about the bad pun, just want to know how you’re coping up with the community quarantine. Yesterday I missed laying on a hammock by the beach, but had some time to catch up on my video game backlogs, and here’s the result.

Pack, Unpack and Repack

Camping gear, photo courtesy of erradora
Hiking gear. Photo courtesy of erradora (check her Instagram account, @errainea, for more photos).

Unless you’re a frontliner or exempted from the quarantine because your work is connected with essential services, there’s bound to be much time on your hands. One way to pass away the time is to clean the home and arrange stuff. Or, if you’re done with cleaning and arranging after two weeks of quarantine, you can unpack them again and re-arrange. Or, if you miss the great outdoors, you can unpack your hiking/camping gear and get them ready in anticipation of the time when the covid-19 threat is over because, thankfully, it will be over. It’s just a matter of time.

Plant Something

A Volkswagen bettle planted with flowers.
A Volkswagen bettle planted with flowers at the Batis Aramin Farm Resort, Lucban, Quezon Province. Photo courtesy of Bien Orellana Bacarra, Jr. (check his Instagram account, @bienbacarra, for more photos).

It may be ornamental, like flowers, or edible: ginger, onions, tomatoes, beans, squash, cucumber, or whatever seed or plant you can find. It gives you something productive to do and get some sunshine while doing it. That’s free vitamin D for you; additional ammunition to fight the virus.

In this time of home quarantine and social distancing, plants are perfect companions. Perhaps you got tired arguing with people at home. With plants, you can talk to them and they won’t talk back and argue. There’s a meme going around that in these trying times when mental health is seriously affected, it is perfectly ok to talk to plants; but you have to ask for professional help the moment those plants begin to talk back. 

Prepare some Drinks

Cool Sago't Gulaman.
Sago’t gulaman by innahstagram (check her Instagram account, @innahstagram, for more photos).

“Palamig ka muna,” says innahstagram. Need not be cold. We’ve seen a lot of photos involving alcoholic drinks, but it’s hard to feature those type of drinks considering the liquor ban in many areas. We’ve seen photos of coffee, which is a standard daily drink for many of us.

The interesting thing about this enhanced community quarantine, called lockdown by many, is that it falls during the summer season in the Philippines. Summer is extra sizzling in this part of the world, which is why you’d find many domestic and foreign tourists crowded in the beautiful beaches, now empty because of the quarantine. Cold drinks are preferred during summer. Fresh fruit shakes. Sago’t gulaman. Name your favorite.

Work from Home

Working from home, photo courtesy of Bryden (check his Instagram account, @you.bryden.my.day, for more photos).

Right from the start, the government directed everyone to work from home because, well, there’s a community quarantine. Work-from-home or WFH is a good thing because you still get paid. No work, no pay, unfortunately, for many. What happens if your home is not yet properly configured for WFH? No sweat. Do WFHW. Here’s how that works, in the words of Bryden:

I have no proper “home office” setup. Heck, I don’t even have a desk or any table.. no chair either! This is kind of a WFHF (Working From the Home Floor) situation. How about you guys? How’s your WFH experience so far?

[Photos reproduced with permission (thanks). Tag your Philippine travel photos with #visitpinas so we can track it down. Photos will be featured in this blog’s photo of the day and in instagram/VisitPinas, facebook/VisitPinas, twitter/VisitPinas.]

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