White sand, clear waters and blue sky in Boracay paradise

Fall in Love with Philippine Travel: Halika, Biyahe Tayo!

It’s not unusual to have a theme song for every important moment or emotion in our lives. Love songs, for instance, immortalize our great loves and the not-so-great breakups. When it comes to travel, specifically in and around the Philippines, there are certain kinds of songs that capture the energy and beauty of the Philippines. While our new favorite is the It’s More Fun in the Philippines campaign, one of the first Philippine travel songs that we fell in love with is this Biyahe Tayo jingle. It still fills us up with sunny happiness even during the rainy season. Please share it with the world. Watch it, here:

One thought on “Fall in Love with Philippine Travel: Halika, Biyahe Tayo!”

  1. Just like any country, the Philippines is not immune from problems. We have to face these problems. On the other hand, we must not also lose sight of the reality that the Philippines is a beautiful country. Vey beautiful. I share your passion of telling the world about how how beautiful yhe Philippines really is.

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