Facebook Like and Share: VisitPinas housekeeping

Change is good. Right? Well, we’ll assume it’s good and just ask for your help. Yes, you, the lovely one reading this post (don’t look at your back, we’re really referring to you). VisitPinas needs your help. You see that Facebook “like” button at the middle column of this blog?

We’ve added that only recently and it’s kinda lonely seeing it with a zero count. If you like, ahem, VisitPinas and you’d like to tell the world what’s beautiful about the Philippines, do take a little time to CLICK IT. It takes just one click. Thank you if you’ve already liked VisitPinas in Facebook.

We should have added that years back so it won’t look a bit lonely with a few “like” count. But the recent changes slapped us to include it. By clicking the FB “like” button at the middle column, you like the entire site. That is different from the FB “like” button found under the title of each post/article (between twitter share and google +1 share) — that one means recommending the particular post/article.

Perhaps the changes in FB made all the share count disappear so we had no choice but to change it to a “like” button (and while we’re at it, included the “like” button for the whole site). What’s the difference? A “like” button recommends the site or the post, as the case may be, to your friends. The “share” button does more than that, as you can input your own message with the link. The “share” button is now found only at the bottom of each post (together with the other buttons under “Share and Enjoy”).

Complicated? Yes, maybe. But all we’re saying is this: take some time to click the “like” button up there. And please tell your friends about it. We’d appreciate that. =) Added: Thanks to our friends and readers who already “liked” us on FB. You can actually see who among the friends in your network also liked VisitPinas. Here’s how. Log in to your FB account. Refresh your VisitPinas tab. Look at the the middle of the right sidebar. See your friends?

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