Durian, the King of Fruits: Philippine Travel Stories

If there’s a notorious fruit, Durian would be it. Airlines have a special policy on durian, a fruit that “tastes like heaven, smells like hell”, common in Southeast Asia, including the southern Philippines. It’s called the King of Fruits, and, like you, let’s find out why, through the VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instagram.

If you don’t know how Durian looks like, here it is, photo courtesy of Zhea Katrina Estrada at Panglima Sugala, Tawi-Tawi, (check her Instagram account, @zheakatrina, for more photos):

If the photo is not enough and you need a description of the Durian fruit, don’t worry, Zhea also has that covered: “Durian, the King of Fruits, has naturally thorny and hard rind that protects its mushy interior. Another striking quality of the durian is its smell. Some consider its odor as sweet while others perceive it as foul. (I am one of those who love durian, even its smell.) Normally, the tough exterior of the durian needs to be hacked before it opens. Thus, the saying that durian is “hell on the outside and heaven on the inside.” But, the durian that I found in the southernmost provinces of the Philippines have already pried themselves open for being ripe.”

If you want to know how thorny it is, just look at how Cody C. Manuel holds it, with absolute care, even if this variety is less thorny than the one shown in the first photo above (check his Instagram account, @tricks_cody, for more photos).

This is a roadside fruit stand in Panabo City, Davao del Norte. Durian, as we all know and as noted by Cody, is the “signature fruit” of Davao, where you’ll find a giant Durian monument.

We’re going to update this post, so tag us with your Durian photos in Instagram!

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