Craving for Burger? Crave Burger Restaurant

I  once thought of having a list of top burgers in the Philippines, with the Brothers Burger definitely at the upper echelon. Then they closed the Rockwell branch (Makati) and I had to transfer my food hunt to their branches in Trinoma Mall and Tomas Morato (both in Quezon City). With the change of hunting grounds came waning interest in having the Top Burgers List.

Plus my doctor “forced” me to go on diet (one of the reasons why I hate to go visit doctors). No sense of creating a list if you can’t taste what you’re supposed to rank. But something made me change my mind (about tasting burgers, not having the list).

A friend casually dropped a line that there’s a new great burger in town – Crave Burger. Another said the same thing and, taking it a step further, suggested that I try this Iloilo-based burger. There’s a branch in White Plains, Katipunan (QC), he said. Word of mouth, a very effective marketing tool.

So, diet be damned, I went out the next day to try it. It wasn’t difficult to find the place, though it would have  been easier if the symbols were familiar.

When we came in there was already a family of eight halfway their sumptuous burgers. There were 2 persons in another table. We took another 2-seater, leaving one more table vacant. The restaurant is not big. Nothing extravagant or pretentious about it. It’s cozy, though. And, as we soon discovered, it served good burgers.

May I have a Crave Ultimate Burger, please?“, I declared after scanning the list of burgers from the overhead menu. I hesitated for a second or two because I suddenly remembered the rule about not saying “Can I have a burger, please?” (yes, you “can”, but you “may” not). I was also trying to decide if I should upgrade to Crave Double-Double Burger. Maybe next time, I thought. Let’s start with the Crave Ultimate Burger, served with caramelized onions, cheese and maple bacon.

Now, here’s where I should tread with caution as I proceed to describe the burger. Each one has a different opinion. What’s said here is mine (and you may have your opinion reflected in the comment section below).

The bun is not as good as Brothers Burger, but it’s definitely better than that of McDonad’s, Jollibee or other fastfood joints. That leafy vegetable is crunchy-fresh, the tomato just the same. The whole shebang is a yummy mixture of bright, lively colors: red, yellow, green, brown.

The 100% beef patty? Fairly good. Not overwhelming in taste; you’ll run the danger of eating more without noticing it. No hint of bitter aftertaste, unlike some fastfood burgers. Not oily. Not as juicy as Brothers Burger, but more delicious. A good burger.

(Going back to the list, what’s your Top Five?)

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  1. I live in the area. I have tried Crave and Goodburger; however, I have to say that for a little bit more than Crave Burger, I will strongly recommend Burger Project which is farther down the Maginhawa Street. Number 121, I think.

    Now these are Gourmet Burgers that are super yummy!

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