Crab n’ Crew Restobar (Quezon City)

In a culinary world, we are barbarians. Don’t get us wrong; we love fine food prepared by awesome chefs, but, deep down our primitive guts, we like to get our hands dirty with some serious seafood. We won’t hesitate to relocate to some distant seafood-rich island, perhaps the seafood capital down the middle of the Philippines, just in case we win the lotto. Until that happens, we’d stay pretty much contented with whatever seafood we can find in the city.

Lurking in the midst of Quezon City’s Visayas Avenue is a place where crabs gather, this restobar claims. This brings to mind some pied piper playing his tune to entrance the crabs and make them crawl towards a ginormous steel steamer in that glass-walled kitchen. Crabs gather here, the huge sign proclaims above the counter, side by side with that equally huge BIR signagewhich reminds everyone that Ate Kim is watching over your business shoulders.

We come here for the crabs. Crab n’ Crew serves steak and other menu choices, of course, but we come solely for the crabs. And in this side of the universe, it’s crab-all-you-can. Yes, you’ve read it right — eat all the crabs you can consume. At P799 only. It was P699 a few months ago, so maybe you wouldn’t want to wait for the next couple of months to try it out.

We come here for the crabs, those unlimited crabs. Flaming red. Steamed with the barest spices, with the rest of the taste left for each palate to tailor-fit through the kind of dips available. There’s the traditional, you-wont-go-wrong vinegar dip. That’s enough for us. We didn’t bother to check the names of the other two dips served to the restaurant patrons as a matter of course.

If you are coming with family, we suggest you drop by earlier than the usual dinner time. This is a restaurant, yes, and this is also a bar. That’s why it’s name a restobar. Crab n’ Crew Restobar. Alcohol is served here and as darkness crawls deeper, the blood alcohol of diners naturally brings out some boisterous laughter and parental guidance conversations. If that’s not a concern for you and your group, then this is a nice watering hole.

We come here for the crabs. And our beer. That combination can never go wrong. It’s a terrific combination that could make us more forgiving of any rough edges of Crab n‘ Crew. Like if we want more variety and a fresher hoard of seafood, we’d go with Dampa. If we want more flavor and finesse in the crab and in the dips, we’d go to Shrimp Bucket (yes, Shrimp Bucket serves crabs, oysters and a whole lot more). The neighborhood and parking is not as posh as that of BGC’s Claw Daddy. But Crab n’ Crew can hold its own. Just the crabs, the beer, and the eat-all-you-can adventure.

Come to think of it, there’s one thing that none of the other crab restaurants don’t have. Two things, actually. Instead of the usual steel crab breaker, Crab n’ Crew dishes out a smooth stone and a wooden slicing board. It’s really a fun setup. It’s just like any barbarian would do. Even otters do that to their shellfish meal. Oh, by the way, Crab n’ Crew, if you’r reading this, it would help us sleep better if you change those stones at the hand washing area; a different kind of stone from the ones used to break open those crabs, you know.

Just a tip — there are disposable plastic gloves (or how do you call that thing) so you don’t to spend the whole day (and a lot of kalamansi). You just have to ask for the plastic gloves (just like the kalamansi).

So, yeah, we’re barbarians. We love our crabs. We like it unlimited. Which is why we would recommend Crab n’ Crew.

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