Come Fly With Me: Philippine Travel Stories

The advent of budget airlines has greatly increased world travel. Airline tickets are now more affordable, more so if we consider the tricks how to maximize rewards and frequent travel miles. Low cost means more savings. It’s now cheaper for people to get in an airplane. But when we speak of flight in VisitPinas, you know very well that we’re not talking about your usual airport rampa. We’re going to get creative with your Philippine travel stories, through your VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instragram. So, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the flight.

Rock, Scissor, Falls

Travel makes you reflect. Take, for instance, what chadvaldez in this photo (check his Instagram account, @wanderchad, for more photos) has to say while flying through Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, Isabela, “It’s only when you’re up above that you realize how incredible the Earth is. So we must learn how to fly higher everyday.”

How do you learn to fly? There are endless options. As illustrated by Chad, one way to practice and hope to fly like Superman is to find a rock at the bottom of a lovely waterfalls, then do your thing. If you want to do that, you’re in luck because the Philippines is host to hundreds of waterfalls of all shapes and sizes. Here, check the Waterfalls to Explore in the Philippines: Fun Outdoors Adventure.

Birds of the Same Feather

If Chad is flying solo (we know you’ll ask why that photo is include, considering that the title is “come fly with me”), Charmaine Erika Lim in this photo (check her Instagram account, @errkalim, for more photos) is flying in tandem. Yes, my dear, “riding is tandem” has become a common phrase these days, and we’re going to make “flying in tandem” equally popular.

They say birds of the same feather flock together. At Dahilayan Gardens and Resort (we know it as Nature and Excitement at Dahilayan Eco Adventure Park) in Bukidnon, birds of the same feather are actually lovers. Anyway, the point is, this flight will literally take your breath away. According to Charmaine: “Muka lang akong masaya pero deep inside, scared to death. If you’re going to Bukidnon, don’t miss this one. Buwis buhay ride – DROPZONE – 120 FEET FREEFALL. After this moment, di ako makalakad.” Sorry, love, we will never know because we ain’t got the stomach to fly like that.


It’s weird. Not the flying broomstick, no, but the realization that we’ve featured RoxC (check her Instagram account, @rox_cute, for more photos) in the last three articles. Every time we come up with a topic, she has just the right VisitPinas-tagged photo for it. She’s just everywhere, which made us wonder — how on earth, or high heavens, does she do it?

Then we found the answer. Broomstick. Yep, a flying broomstick, this one in Hapitanan Cafe located in the enchanted province of Siquijor. This place is full of legends about mythical creatures and witches with healing powers. So, Harry Potter, feel free to ride your Nimbus 2000 in the Philippines. You’ll feel at home in this beautiful country.

Hulog ng Langit

Perhaps you’re not comfortable with something old-school like the broomstick. No problem. You can upgrade to the more recent flying-in-tandem paragliding fun. On the other hand, if your fear is not about the broomstick but of flying itself, which is really the fear of falling, that’s a huge problem.

We have to conquer our fears. Okay, we’ll rephrase that: YOU have to conquer your fears. As Dith Vitug said in the caption of this photo: “Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from flying.”

Check her Instagram account, @dithvitug, for more photos. Dith has another paragliding photo, shared in Free as a Bird, Paragliding in Carmona, Cavite: Photo of the Day. Go ahead and try paragliding. Once you’ve conquered your fear of flying, or falling, tag us with your photo and tell us how proud you are, so we can feature your story here in VisitPinas.

While we’re making this piece light and fun when it comes to “flying,” don’t ever think that no serious “flying” is done in the Philippines. Here:

See credits and story here: Skydive and Watch the White Beach from the Sky (Bantayan, Cebu).

We’ll be revising this post to include other Philippine flights we see, so tag us in your photos and tell us your story.

[Photos reproduced with permission (thanks). Tag your Philippine travel photos with #visitpinas so we can track it down. Photos will be featured in this blog’s photo of the day and in instagram/VisitPinas, facebook/VisitPinas, twitter/VisitPinas.]

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