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Life in the Time of Corona

Travel, both domestic and international, is practically dead at this time. Countries are closing their borders. The lockdown in the Philippines, for instance, bars all inbound international flights, as well as domestic flights. This means that hotels, restaurants, airlines, travel agencies and other tourism-related activities must take a big gulp of financial oxygen and hold on until the lockdown, called enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines, is lifted. 

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How To Get In Shape for Summer: Philippine Travel Stories

There are two seasons in the Philippines, some say — the hot season and the very hot season. We know, of course, the difference between just “hot” and “very hot”, and it boils down (pun intended) to your body’s physical condition to face the world-renowned Philippine summer. In these photographs, culled from the VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instagram, we’ll share with you life-changing tips on how to whip your body into shape. Here goes.

Get out of the Shade

It’s not really about the shade itself, but what we do under the shade. Most often than not, the shade is a place to chill. Hammock or no hammock, it’s nice to simply doze off in the shade. To illustrate, here’s Joanna Marie Bola (check her Instagram account, @jannazabat, for more photos) at the Pearl Farm Resort in Davao.

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it,” she says. That’s good if you’re already in summer bod, but ain’t good if you’re still getting there. So, get your lazy butt off the shade and get ready to work some serious sweat.

Progress, not perfection

Thanks to Netflix, we can now binge-watch our favorite movies, one of which is The Equalizer, where we get a memorable line from Denzel Washington — “Progress, not perfection.” Goals may sometimes appear impossible to achieve because of the sheer immensity, like, how do I shed a thousand pounds before summer? The secret? Little steps. Don’t think of giant strides, as what we can see from this photo of the Upside Down Museum (Pasay City, Metro Manila), courtesy of Markdavid Domequil (check his Instagram account, @daviddomequil).

Huge strides will weigh you down. Progress, not perfection. If you can’t make it this summer, there’s always a next year. Besides, so long as you’re confident with your body, go ahead and flaunt it, abs or no abs. It’s better to be happy than getting injured with too much preoccupation with the abs. Remember, Ed Sheeran talked about being in love with the “shape of you.” Round is a shape, you know.

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Me, Myself and my Selfie Stick: Philippine Travel Stories

The selfie stick. Banned in many crowded places for safety reasons. It won’t be necessary to ban the selfie stick if it’s not ubiquitous, and it won’t be ubiquitous unless it has an excellent purpose. You see, the selfie stick serves an important role in this era of social media — you can take your own photo without asking anyone for assistance or, in case of a groufie, without leaving anyone out of the photo. Continue reading Me, Myself and my Selfie Stick: Philippine Travel Stories

Happy Halloween: Philippine Travel Stories

Halloween is not exactly a Philippine tradition. Filipinos do honor their dead during this season. All Saints’ Day, or also called Todos los Santos, is a regular holiday in the Philippines that falls every November 1 (see All Saints Day: Regular Holiday). Undas or Araw ng mga Patay (Day of the Dead, or All Souls’ Day) is celebrated a day after, November 2. This is not a regular holiday in the Philippines, but is often declared an additional special non-working day. Continue reading Happy Halloween: Philippine Travel Stories

Just Keep on Walking: Philippine Travel Stories

Just keep on walking. We often encounter this line, made more recognizable by that whiskey brand. Brad Pitt’s character in World War Z perfectly explains why there’s a need to keep on walking — “movement is life.” And in a world where no man is an island, or in the avalanche of complicated status in social media, the message in Last of the Mohicans still rings clearly in our ears: “You’re strong! You survive! You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you! No matter how long it takes, no matter how far. I will find you.” Continue reading Just Keep on Walking: Philippine Travel Stories

We Got Your Back: Philippine Travel Stories

The phrase “I got your back,” in its common usage, simply means a person will watch out for you, to help you out. Related to the phrase “stab someone in the back,” when someone hits you from a blind spot. Someone who has your back is usually a friend who minds even your blind spots (unless, of course, you can see your back). Continue reading We Got Your Back: Philippine Travel Stories

Floating in Paradise: Philippine Travel Stories

Everybody knows that the Philippines is a beach paradise, home of the world’s top beaches, including Boracay, Palawan and Siargao. The Philippines has retained its ranking among the world’s best tourist destinations, notwithstanding the closure of Boracay this year (but it will reopen in October 26, woohoo!!) Not everybody knows that the Philippines is also home to wonderful waterfalls and, of course, rivers. Continue reading Floating in Paradise: Philippine Travel Stories

Pag Lumingon Ka, Akin Ka: Philippine Travel Stories

We’ve heard the line before, usually whispered or silently running through our head, when we’re waiting for someone, with whom we’re interested in, to look our way. This became a catchphrase with the release of the 2011 movie “In The Name of Love,” with Aga Muhlach and Angel Locsin in the leading roles. Kapag lumingon ka, akin ka! (If you glance back at me, you’re mine). Continue reading Pag Lumingon Ka, Akin Ka: Philippine Travel Stories

Trekking Mount Pinatubo: Philippine Travel Stories (Photo Gallery)

We did say that the Universe loves balance. Even a destructive event, like the 1991 eruption of a volcano that has remained quiet for 600 years, Mount Pinatubo, can be a source of beauty. The pyroclastic flow of Mt. Pinatubo buried many communities and the ash it spewed traveled halfway around the world, lowering world temperature by one degree fahrenheit. Continue reading Trekking Mount Pinatubo: Philippine Travel Stories (Photo Gallery)

Indoor-Outdoor Mirror Image: Philippine Travel Stories

The Universe loves balance. There’s a yin to the yang, and the Force has its dark side. As to the VisitPinas-tagged Instagram photos, we’ve noticed that a number of outdoor photos have a mirror, or similar, image snapped indoor. We might not be able to explain it sufficiently in words, but we hope it becomes clearer as we feature these photos. Continue reading Indoor-Outdoor Mirror Image: Philippine Travel Stories