Byahe Tayo

Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan.” This is a line repeated to the point of being treated as a cliche. Still, we really have to explore and enjoy the beauty of the Philippines. There are 7,107 islands to visit and experience. Here’s a great video which should make us Filipinos proud of our country. Tara na, biyahe tayo! C’mon, let’s travel!

(These words appear at the end of the video: “The performers who appear in this video are members of the Artists for Philippine Tourism and provided their talents and likeness, without remuneration, in support of Philippine tourism. On behalf of every Filipino, we invite you to come and see the cultures, attractions and sights that make up our 7,107 islands.” We don’t know if this is copyrighted, but we hope it’s not because it should definitely be shared with the rest of the world. If it’s copyrighted and you own the copyright, please let us know so we could take out this video.)

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30 thoughts on “Byahe Tayo”

  1. ako galing sa palawan 2gether mr. joey ayala… den nxt wik nasa vigan kame…. lika byahe tau, kc atn to..

  2. I was given a chance to see a part of the world, a chance to visit modern cities. And yet, even if the Philippines is not that modern I could never trade my home to other spectacular places on earth. Regardless of its imperfections, I simply love the land I grew up with. A land where my heart truly belongs. The Land of the Maharlikas..

    1. i love the way you appreciate our country…pinagmamalaki mo na pilipino ka talaga…i really love your posts…

  3. Even with its monstrous traffic jams, corrupt public officials, dirty rivers and streams, my heart will always be with Manila, with the Philippines.

  4. Today, I celebrate my 14th Wedding anniversary. And since I am once again far and away from home, due to financial reasons, I would like to celebrate this specail event relating the beauty of our Land.

  5. Let us begin with Malabon, before it became a city, before it became part of the National Capital Region.

  6. With infant eyes I could have sworn Malabon is the most beautiful place on earth. I could also have sworn Gov. Pascual Ave. is as big as EDSA. Yet, those days are gone now. These images exists only in a distant memory.

    I came into being holed up along that lenghty avenue. To our right was the former Constant Battery factory and adjacent to that establishment was a mini grocery owned by Quimsons. Not far stood Jose Rizal Arellano High School.

    My world then was so simple but so elegant. The simple joys of childhood, one would say, is the most beautiful thing a person could cherish.

    Malabon to me then was paradise in itself. Its provincial like features still clings during the seventies.

    Naabutan ko pa ang pampasaherong jeepneys na walo lang katao ang kayang dalhin.

  7. The avenue also boasted one Malabon’s immortal icons: Dolor’s Kakanin along with their homemade fish sauces.

  8. Philippines is a beautiful can’t compare it to other,God give us a lots of blessings..we have many natural resources here in our country..we should appreciate what God given to us..
    Southern Leyte is a beautiful province that i’ve ever seen.we are very blessed that we don’t have big cities here..we can still breathe fresh air..i’m not saying that big cities are polluted…
    we have beautiful spots here… Try to visit us here..
    to the Filipino citizen their like me.. we should be cooperative enough in order for us to achieve progressive country…

  9. The sad part is 80%, maybe 90%, of the population can’t afford to travel in their own country, can’t even afford to explore their own city.

  10. I love the comments that Robert made about Malabon.
    I was born and grew up in Malabon and he was so right in describing our old town , now a city.
    Went to Jose Rizal High school in the 60’s and when I got married , stayed in one of those apartments along Gov. Pascual Ave. owned by the Aquino’s.
    Always ordered sapin sapin from Dolor’s too.
    Ngayon nga yata ay 24 na ang laman ng pampasaherong jeepney.
    We are planning to visit Pinas again next year.

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