5 Reasons Why We Love Boracay

5 Reasons Why We (Still) Love Boracay

So much has been written about Boracay, recognized as one of the BEST beaches in the world (yes, that’s a bit modest, because Boracay has been dubbed, in more than one occasion, as THE best beach in the world). And because we can’t speak for everyone, we’ll give (at least) five reasons why we still love Boracay.

1. Sand

The white sand of Boracay, from the beach until hundreds of meters underwater towards the sea, is hard to match. It’s soft, yet it stays firm under one’s feet. Even the most sensitive soles would be happy with the fine, soft sand (those in dire need of sole scrubbing would be equally happy). And for one reason or another, the sand stays cool even under the intense gaze of the mid-day sun.

There’s the constant criticism that Boracay is overcrowded and there’s a danger of environmental degradation if the local government and the resorts don’t work together — and fast — to ensure sustainable tourism. We don’t really mind if they demolish all resorts in Boracay. It’s all about the sand, first and foremost. This is why we keep coming back to Boracay. This is the main reason why we still love Boracay and call it a paradise.

2. The Sun and Sea

Crystal-clear sea, framed by the white sand. And it’s right in front of the doorstep, guests can practically crawl from the resort to the shoreline. Very convenient.

The summer sun in a tropical country can be unforgiving. It can be hot, a welcome atmosphere for foreigners (escaping the winter in their countries) who stay on the beach all day to tan their bodies. The seawater, on the other hand, is cold and because it’s not too salty, it’s tempting to stay submerged the whole day. Visitors taking a dip will forget that it’s hot, so don’t let the cold water deceive you — wear sunblock.

3. Island fun

Many islands in the Philippines boast of comparably similar sand and sea as that of Boracay. Unless you want complete seclusion (which can also be found in Boracay, as noted in the next item), the biggest difference is the sheer number of activities one can enjoy in Boracay.

Scuba diving. Scuba helmet diving. Parasailing. Kiteboarding. Wakeboarding. Wake surfing. Banana-boat rides. Kayaking. Snorkeling. Cliff jumping. Jetski. Speed boats. Zorb. Ziplines. Island-hopping and caving. Eco-tours and mountain biking. Trekking. ATVs.  Tatoos and hair braids. Spa and massage. Fish spa. Golf. Walk around the entire island. Be a mermaid. Watch the golden sunset. Eat-all-you-can. Drink until you drop. Swim until you turn golden brown. Meet all kinds of people, of all nationalities (surprisingly, foreigners usually outnumber Filipino tourists). The possibilities are endless.

4. Choices

Aside from the profusion of activities in Boracay, the island offers a wide range of choices that fits every traveler’s budget, from cheap bread and breakfast, to insanely expensive private villas. The food? Just about every cuisine is represented in the island. We’d love to say that every fastfood and big restaurants in the metro are found in Boracay.

Enjoy more people? Stay in Station 3. Less people? Station 1. Middle ground, with lots of stores and shopping center? Station 2. Complete privacy? Check the villas at the other and the private islands. Even the sand, be sure to check the entire stretch of the island, because there are fine gradations on how fine sand is. The island offers something for singles, for lovers, for family travelers, for company outings, and for just about anybody (yes, even the nerds).

5. What happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay

There’s a LOT of people in Boracay (and that’s an understatement), even during lean seasons. Imagine the crowd during summer. The roads — and the beach — are packed with people. Still, it’s surprising that tourists can basically lie down on the beach as if no one is there. Get a towel, spread it somewhere on the beach and enjoy sunbathing. We Filipinos have a street phrase for it — walang basagan ng trip. Guests can get lost in the crowd; in a good way, of course.

There are other reasons why we love Boracay, but we’ll stick with these top 5 reasons. Feel free to add your reasons through the comment section below.

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