4 Reasons Why Today is the Best Time to Visit the Philippines

Perhaps you’re sitting in your office and thinking, “Where is the best place to travel where I can get the highest value for my money?” Well, you can join the increasing number of tourists flocking to the Philippines. The largest chunk of foreign arrivals in the Philippines, according to the Department of Tourism (DoT), is from Asia (61.11% of the total or 290,177 visitors in June 2017, including tourists from Korea, Japan and China). Tourists from North America come next, followed by travelers from Europe and Australasia/Pacific. So, why is it the best time to visit the Philippines today?

Exchange Rate

The US Dollar – Philippine Peso exchange rate, as of this writing stands at roughly US$1 : PhP54. The higher exchange rate simply means that visitors from the United States of America (USA), or other countries with stronger currencies, have a bigger buying power here in the Philippines.

Bigger bang for the buck. No need to save a lot of money. If you’re planning a vacation abroad, choose the Philippines (watch this video).

Boracay will Open Soon

As noted in the previous post, the world-famous Boracay will open its powder-white sand to tourists on 26 October 2018. This is a soft opening, with a reported carrying capacity of 19,000 tourists on any given day. Limited slots, yes, but you can always book your hotels and accommodations in advance to make sure you’ll get in. It’s cheaper to reserve way in advance. In the worst-case scenario that you can’t be accommodated in Boracay this year, you can always wait for the full opening in 2019. [See Boracay October 26 Re-Opening: What We Know So Far]

There’s Palawan

No Boracay? No problem. The Philippines has other beaches and diving sites that can rival the best beaches in the world. Cebu, Bohol, Caramoan, just to name a few. There’s Palawan, consistently voted as the “world’s best island” by the New York-based magazine Travel + Leisure.

And that’s just the beach. We haven’t scratched the surface yet. There’s food, of course. There are many more travel destinations and activities in the Philippines that guests will surely enjoy.

The Warmth of the Philippines

The Philippines, as a tropical country, is naturally warm and sunny. But we’re not referring to that. We’re talking about the warm smile and the world-renowned hospitality of Filipinos. Just don’t do drugs; our President hates it.

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