Your Bet on the Best Philippine Beach

There’s no doubt that the Philippines has some of its beaches in the best beaches of the world. There’s also no doubt that Boracay is in that list, although many beaches have given Boracay a run for its money (definitely Palawan, Camiguin, Panglao, Zambales, and other places we’re sure you’ll tell us). So since it’s summer, you’ll most likely head out for some sand and sea. We’d like to know which beach is your best bet.

How can you rank these beaches if you haven’t enjoyed all, you ask? We’ll, we’re not asking you to rate all — we’re just asking which choice you can live with and defend. Fair enough?

And the first-round nominees are:

Your Bet for Best Beach

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If you feel strongly that a beach listed above should be on top, then vote for it. If you feel strongly that there are other beaches that should be included in that initial list, then let us know (what’s the name and why it’s among the best Philippine beaches) through the comment section below.

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