Who’s Scared of Balete Drive?

Urban legend has it that drivers, when passing by Balete Drive Quezon City during some dark evening, see white ladies. Some get distracted and crash into incoming vehicles. Others vow not to pass along Balete Drive during evenings. Some see ladies in white crossing, or more properly floating, across the road. Some ladies flag down taxis. Some solo drivers inexplicably see, through the rear view mirror, a lady sitting at the backseat. (At the end of this post we’ll feature a video of a ghost in one of the houses along Balete Drive.)

Balete Drive is usually featured in the list of the Philippines’ scariest places. Top 10 Scary Places. In our case, we pass by Balete Drive every so often. We didn’t encounter, fortunately, any such ghostly apparition. If you have a first-hand experience on the scary apparitions along Balete Drive, do let us know. Please use the comment section below. Let’s see if the number of people who say they’ve seen the ghosts of Balete Drive would be enough to put some plausibility to this urban legend.

Now, about the video. This is not for those with weak heart. The video quality is poor so the white, smoky matter floating on the rocking chair is hardly visible. You have to look closely to see it.

Saw it? We cannot say that the stories about Balete Drive are totally untrue because those who claim to have seen the ghosts are positively sure. Have you experienced something weird at Balete Drive?

3 thoughts on “Who’s Scared of Balete Drive?”

  1. I spent 28 years of my life in Balete Drive but have not experienced anything spooky. Balete Drive is now a very busy street. As for the video, I think I’ll pass… šŸ™‚ Love your blog and I’ve bookmarked it! Cheers!

    1. Hi Peach! Oo nga pala, you’re the perfect resource person to say something about the alleged ghosts in Balete drive. O baka naman takot lang sila na takutin (mukhang di tama) ang mga taga-Balete Drive, at baka ma-evict sila dun. hehe Thanks for the bookmark.

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