When Ricoa Curly Tops Chocolate was Curly

This article is not about some Swiss or foreign chocolate. This is not about the newly-launched premium Belgian chocolate-covered ice cream bar, Magnum. In fact, this is not simply about chocolate. This blog post concerns one of the most important questions in life — why is Ricoa Curly Tops flat? There are only two possibilities if you can relate to this question.

The first possibility, and we hope you fall into this (although it doesn’t necessarily rule out the second) — you’re a very perceptive person. Really, if you’ve tasted or even looked at Ricoa Curly Tops chocolate, you’ll immediately observe that it’s not curly. It is flat.

The second possibility, and this is most likely, you’re not young anymore. Years back, back when they still didn’t shout It’s More Fun in the Philippines, the Ricoa Curly Tops was true to form. It was curly on top.

If the day would come that Curly Tops would be flat-topped, then they should change the name to Flat Tops. But they can’t. Ricoa has another chocolate named Flat Tops. People complain about the increasing gas prices. We should complain about being served two equally flat-topped chocolates, one rightly named Flat Tops and the other questionably named Curly Tops.

I love Curly Tops. And I like it curly-topped. If you want your favorite Curly Tops to regain its old curl, then let’s make our voices heard =) Let’s hear from you in the comment section below. Share this post until it reaches Ricoa (or whoever is now making Curly Tops). People of the Philippines, ahem, let’s unite!!! Peace.

One thought on “When Ricoa Curly Tops Chocolate was Curly”

  1. the quality control might not be that strict anymore…the temperature when depositing the chocolate should be lower for curly tops than the flat tops so that it will have that curl..and maybe the vibration is too much, so the curl subsided in the process… if you look harder , there’s still a little bit of piggy tail like curl on top of the chocolate (on your picture)..Also , there’s slight difference between the two as well in terms of flvor…one of them is milkier…

    I used to work there (decades ago).

  2. I love curly tops since i was a kid until now but what happen to their packaging. They changed the look like curly cupcake to plastic it looks like flat tops to me. Everytime i open a package i always love to open those curly paper in every piece of curly tops and always feel the childhood memories i have with curly tops but now it changes a lot im so sad. No to plastics put back the original packaging.

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