What’s your Ghost Story?

They say that the spirits of the dead return to where they lived during Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve). It is said that witches and demons become active during this time, which is the last day of October. The evening before All Saints’ Day.  That’s now.

We didn’t have Halloween parties in the province, back when I was young. We didn’t go for trick-or-treat. We observed undas, though. Either we had a very out of touch province or this is a western concept, more accepted in centers like Metro Manila. This doesn’t mean, however, that we had a short supply of ghost and horror stories.

In the Philippines, we have the usual aswang (witch), bampira (vampire), tikbalang (a centaur, they say, but it’s not the same), manananggal, maligno, engkanto, duwende (dwarf or elf) and a host of other out-of-this-world creatures. People love to hear stories about these creatures. Ghost stories, for short.

The problem with ghost stories, is that it’s usually told by someone who heard it from someone. I bet that if we systematically trace the “someone”, it will end up nowhere.

Many, however, have personally experienced supernatural phenomena. The closest encounter I had, for instance, is seeing with my own eyes a lady possessed, allegedly by demons. She was a silent lady back in high school (I wonder why all persons I’ve heard to have been possessed are the silent ones), living in a dormitory around ten meters from our house. Six men were holding her down on her bed. One for each limb. One holding the head. One holding the body. It’s easy to see that the collective strength of these six huge men is equal to the strength of that little lady, who by then was already shouting at the top of her lungs — er, “his” lungs.

It was a male voice. I was there. The priest came and in the process of exorcism, the voice alternated between male and female. He said he would take her. She said she’s tired and she would just go. The priest said no and read some passage from a black  book. I said to my classmates, “enough, let’s go home now.” Me and my cousin shared the same bed for a month after that.

I know there are many skeptics of exorcism and evil possession. Yes, there are scientific explanations. But, as I said, that’s the closest experience I had. Not that I want any experience other than that one.

Perhaps you have a PERSONAL experience with the third kind, I mean, those from the supernatural world. Tell us through the comment section below.

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