What Did Nas Daily Find in 30 Countries? Filipinos (Watch This Video)

What did Nas Daily discover in 30 countries? Filipinos! Watch the one-minute video of Nuseir Yassin, an Arab-Israeli travel vlogger. He dedicates the video to all non-Filipinos who can’t place the Philippines on the map or don’t know about Filipinos. Watch this 1-minute video:

What I saw in 30 countries!

This video is directed to every non-Filipino out there.See, before I started Nas Daily, I couldn't place the Philippines on the map. I knew nothing about "these people". But slowly and surely I started to get to know more and more Filipinos in every new country I visit only to realize that:1. There are 10 million overseas Filipinos in over 100 countries2. They are working really hard to contribute to local economies without getting the recognition they deserve.3. They always welcomed me with a smile. Like…always. And that brightened my day every time! After meeting so many of them in the super remote town of Broome in Australia (apprently they came here to support the local Pearling economy ages ago)…I was determined to make this video! Thank you all for being so friendly, welcmoing. and all around amazing!Join me on Nas Daily Global – a new group for this community!

Posted by Nas Daily on Thursday, May 10, 2018

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