VisitPinas in Baguio 2014

VisitPinas Top 5 Reasons to Travel and Visit the Philippines

There’s a reason for everything. While some things cannot be explained, and the continued belief of which we characterize as faith, we human beings constantly search for explanations. Not that somebody asked us; we’re just trying to validate and check if you see it the same way. These are the Top Five Reasons why we love to travel in and around the Philippines (probably the same reasons why you’d want to visit the Philippines).

Exploring our culture

You’ve heard of regionalism and how one island’s culture is different from the next. By knowing firsthand the cultures of our fellow Filipinos, we realize that they’re not too different from us and that there’s a common bond. And even if there are stark differences, and there are, we sow the seeds of understanding by the mere fact of knowing. We fear or resent what we don’t understand.

Sharing what you have

We’re just like many Filipinos, working hard to earn an honest salary at the end of the day, giving thanks for the blessings that come our way. By paying for the services of others, you give them employment and the realization that financial reward comes with hard, cheerful work. Be generous in giving tips.

Supporting the local economy

It’s true that in certain instances, traveling abroad is actually less expensive than traveling to some places in the Philippines. When you travel in the Philippines, however, you circulate money in the domestic economy. That’s always a good thing. Besides, you may pick up an idea or two for business, or simply on how to improve yourself, when you go around.

Rewarding yourself

You word hard, you party hard. It may not be partying for us, but traveling. Although travel and leisure are not basic necessities, these are important components in rejuvenating our senses. Travel and vacations need not be expensive. Just set a side a small about each payday, then look forward to relax at some point in the future.

Appreciating the beauty of the Philippines

We constantly hear about the problems of our country. True, we must face the music, so to speak, and deal with them. But we must not forget that we have a beautiful country. We have many of the best beaches, sights and wonders of the world. We have one of the warmest hospitality the world has experienced.

There’s a time and place for everything. This is a place where we look at what’s beautiful about ‘Pinas.

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