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We’ve been tinkering with a couple of tools, one of which is the Directory. The Directory that should contain all the relevant information about resorts, hotels, food, transportation and other travel-related information. It’s intended to be user-generated so we’re sure you’ll have a number of questions on how to get started.

Why would I bother to list in the Directory?

Good question. You don’t have to, really, but since it’s free and would give you a platform to reach a good number of people, then why not? Even “secret gardens” use marketing tools. Every new entry in the Directory is equivalent to a post, which means it is sent to all the subscribers of this blog.

Where is the entry that I submitted?

Either it got lost in the internet underworld, or we haven’t approved it yet. Don’t take it against us, we also have our day jobs. If we spend more time here, then it’s no longer a hobby.

How can I add new entries in the Directory?

Click “Add your Blog“, then fill in the required details, which are:

  • Your Name – Your name, not your blog. This won’t be reflected in the Directory
  • Category – Select the most appropriate category
  • Your email – Just in case we need to get in touch with you, but this won’t be reflected in the Directory
  • Organization Name – The name of your blog, which will appear in the Directory
  • Org. description – A brief description of your blog, which will appear in the Directory
  • Org. Website – the URL

The rest of the information are NOT required.

How much does it cost to list in the Directory?

Listing in the Directory is free. Yes, it’s free, although that’s not an excuse to submit bare entries. Those who search for information about your travel-related product or service would appreciate informative, direct, and well-written entry.

What if there’s no relevant category for my listing?

Choose the best category for your listing and let us know if there are categories that you believe should be included. Use the email function of this blog. If we think your listing also falls in a second category, we may choose to add it there.

What if I want to make changes later on?

Sorry, but you may no longer directly edit the entry, though there are two things you could do. One, carefully proofread your entries before submitting them. Two, send us an email should you really want to make changes. However, because we may be offline most of the time, it may take some time before the revisions appear. So go back to the first reminder.

Is the Directory list I submitted equivalent to a blog entry?

No. The previous software treats each entry as a regular post, but we took it out because it messes up the format. On the other hand, should you want to write about your Philippine travel (mis)adventures, perhaps share a travel tip or two, send a short email to us. At least we know you’re interested enough to write an email. Then we’ll give you access to directly post your articles. Thanks.

For questions, comments and suggestions, please use the comment section below.

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