Cheesecake of Uno Restaurant

Uno, Dos, Cheese: The Powerpuff Cheesecake of Uno Restaurant

What’s important is what’s inside, we’ve always thought. The world’s preoccupation on the superficial looks is not only expensive for the endless parade of men and women who heavily value external beauty, but also the bane of those who believe that what’s essential is invisible to the naked eye (the last part was uttered by a contestant in a beauty contest, we know, which merely makes it ironic, not untrue). What’s important is indeed hidden. This is true in larger life; true with food. Take, for instance, the cheesecake of Uno Restaurant.

If we accept for a moment that cheesecakes, including the ones served by Banapple and Bag of Beans, a thick crust and topping like strawberry or blueberry, then the cheesecake of Uno Restaurant is definitely different. The Uno cheesecake has no crust and it has no topping. It’s just a dressed-down slice of pure, puffy yellow cheese. No fuss, no nonsense cheesecake presentation with only a very light sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar.

Other cheesecakes are no-bake, but not Uno’s. This cheesecake is an ultra-confident fellow that holds its puffy chin up high as if all cheesecakes are baked easily and meant not to flop when taken out of the oven. We’d like to call it the “polvoron cheesecake” — it’s like a cheese polvoron, only finer and, of course, more cheese in its flavor. Take a chunk of cheese and reduce it into powder-form, bring it to outer space and let all the cheese powder-goodness float in nothingness, then say “freeze!” Assume, of course, that the cheese powder will listen and all particles stay in place.

That’s the closest we can describe the beauty of Uno’s cheesecake. But because we’re amateur foodies, we invite you to drop by Uno Restaurant (see address), order the cheesecake, then go back here to share your cheesecake experience. You might have a different opinion, but we’re fairly certain you’ll agree that beauty, and taste, are indeed invisible to the naked eye.

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