Try the Disk-O-Magic of Enchanted Kingdom

Obviously to keep the theme park fresh to guests, the new and frequent visitors alike, the Enchanted Kingdom (Sta. Rosa, Laguna) brings in new rides from time to time. The last time we were here, Enchanted Kingdom welcomed the EKstreme Tower Ride. This time around, we didn’t expect to see, and so we were smiling when we saw, the spanking-new Disk-O-Rama

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This one is an entirely different ride. It’s a disk that sits on a curved railing. Guests sit on a flat platform that rotates while zipping back and forth. Then it rotates the other way.It’s officially described as “a state-of-the-art and award-winning ride that is recognized by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). It uses a special seat design that allows both arms and legs to move freely for riders to enjoy the dash.”

We [unofficially] describe it simply as “sick”. It’s one thing to scare yourself. It’s entirely different to scare yourself and get dizzy at the same time.

Riding the Disk-o-Magi is like riding a bicycle. There’s a single seat and a handle. The comparison, however, ends there, unless you can find a way of forcefully swinging the bicycle back and forth, while vigorously rotating it at the same time.

The tiny backrest serves as the locking mechanism. The ride is world-class and the safety features are up to international standards, but the flimsy-looking backrest is surely intended to add more intensity to the entire experience.

We heard that the whole ride lasts for around 3 minutes. We are not sure. It certainly felt more than three minutes. And that’s for us watching from the sides. It must have felt like an eternity for those who are actually on the platform.

Or maybe not. Nobody probably cared about the duration of the entire ride. Those on the Disk-o-Magic were busy holding on the handle, found in front of their individual seats, probably thinking what on earth are they doing there. Or maybe some were trying hard not to puke (it would be fun to see the splatter pattern of the puke around the place). We’re not sure. Most were probably busy trying really hard to look cool. [Go try it and tell us what you think.]

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