Travel Questions? The Community has Answers

Under the current setup, readers post their queries in the comment section of the corresponding blog post. Of course, this could be done, and is already being done, at the comment section of the post that covers a particular topic. The current setup, however, has the following limitations.

One, the question may be found in the middle or bottom of the comment section, making the search more difficult especially in multi-page comments. Two, those who ask questions don’t bother to read the entire comment thread, which results to the question being asked again and again. Three, you have a question but there’s no related post for it. Four, the best answer, even if highly rated, remains at the original position and is not transferred immediately under the question.

These limitations are addressed in (click here to give it a try). This component of VisitPinas is where Community members could ask Philippine travel questions and, at the same time, answer the questions of other Community members.

Nobody knows everything. It also comes with a search component which should make it easier to look for a related question (and answer). So, before you ask, please search for related questions and/or answers. In other words, DO NOT ask questions here in the blog. All questions are centralized at the Answers.VisitPinas. The Blog is where you share your experience. The Reviews component is where you review/rate the entries as guide for other Community members. The Answers component is where you post your queries and answer questions of other Community members.

To ask questions and/or answer existing questions, go to

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